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By fmoreno | RandomThoughts | 6 Jan 2021

I am a student right now, but I have had a full time job for one year. 8 hours a day I was at the same place.

It was something I did not consider until I was there. The huge amount of time you invest in your work life. It extends everywhere, at all times of the day you have something about work in the head.

If I count the time for the trip there and getting ready for it, it took more than 10 hours in a day just for work matters. Taking 8 hours of sleep left me 6 hours of freedom a day.

That was not what I expected when I started, yes, I got financial freedom, I could buy what I wanted but that left me little time to enjoy life.

Since then I decided to change my life and work by myself in a business I could create easily online. But then (this was expected) The time of the day I worked and thought of something related to work was 100% of my awake time (and sometimes dreaming).

As I said, I expected this, a new business is something that requires a lot of work. But this time was different. It was my time and I decided how to spend it. I felt more free to do what I wanted. I had no problem working a lot of hours because the feeling of freedom was there.

I spent hours a day researching for tools I could use. I let customers contact me at any hour of the day, it did not bother me, in fact, I was happy I had a new customer so it was welcomed.

Now I had virtually no time to buy stuff and enjoy any free time. But it was not a problem for me, because I already enjoyed my work and it was not a pain for me.

Then my thought of freedom changed. I did not need freedom from an 8 hours a day job, I needed freedom from the work I was doing. If I enjoy my work I do not mind losing some part of the freedom to work more.

That is where I think the problem is nowadays. The problem is not counting the days until the next weekend, because if you enjoy what you do you will not count the days, you will just enjoy every single day.

The difficult part is finding a job that you like and you feel what I just described. It is very difficult and not everyone can start their own business. It requires time and effort, but is worth it.


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