My entry for the Sweet/Clinique Contest

So, I figured I would throw in a brief explanation up front. Sweet is an app that releases NFTs from various creators. It simplifies the process & makes NFTs accessible to everyone. Check it out here:

Sweet has partnered with some major companies like Burger King, Dave & Busters, & now they’ve partnered with Clinique. They are holding a contest for the first NFT to be released by Clinique. The main reason for this post was just to share my entry for that contest.

I’m honestly not really all obsessive with NFTs, but Sweet is the one place where I do have a small collection thanks to how easy they make the entire process. On the contrary, my fiancé absolutely loves NFTs and she loves Sweet more than anything. She is very much a fan of cosmetics also. I know she holds Clinique in the highest of regards. So, I figured I’d take the chance in trying to win this NFT for her. I feel like it’s the perfect gift. Then again, I am not the best gift buyer. Still…  It seemed logical to me. She loves Sweet. She loves Clinique. She loves NFTs…  I’ve seen her get excited over other releases so I just felt like this would mean the world to her.

I tried to be unique with my entry and cover both options they gave participants. I also tried to make it a little more presentable with the video version below. Anyway… Here is my entry:


If you wanted to know why a guy is entering a Clinique contest, well, it is so I can try to win this NFT for the beautiful, intelligent, & sophisticated woman who stole my heart. She is also the one who brings a smile to my face. Not only does just a simple split second thought of her possess the power to transform even the darkest of days into something I can only describe by comparing it to the cornucopia of vibrant colors violently colliding during the transition from day to night. She is the reason that my entire motive in life currently involves trying to teach people the power of positive emotions such as gratitude, hope & optimism. I do this by sharing my experience with the law of attraction & faith. I use these two methods because I had been praying & unknowingly using the law of attraction basically my entire life. It was when combining the two that I started to see serious blessings/results. I’ve studied positive influences like Oprah, Steve Harvey, Joel Osteen, & Tony Robbins as well as many others. I have taken different ideas from all of these various sources & made my own routine out of them. Just to clarify, I am not selling it or anything. I know it is a “to each his own thing” but my hopes were that by sharing the journey VIA blogs & vlogs that I call “Something Out Of Nothing” I could help someone find the path.

My future wife Heather & this routine without a doubt have saved my life. I’m a person who has been to rock bottom (child abuse, drug addiction, homeless, etc.) & I was starting to get on the right track but despite experiencing success I was still weighed down by depression, and I was trapped with this unexplainable emptiness. It has almost been a year since I started this journey, & every day I get closer to my goals of owning a home & marrying this amazing woman.

Hopefully you will help me return just a fraction of the joy that her divine essence delivers to my world. She is absolutely the most deserving individual that will be mentioned within this contest. Not only is she an amazing comeback story herself, but I also have no doubts that she would be a top contender for the #1 fan of both Clinique & Sweet. I cannot think of any better gift for me to give her, truly, and I will even use it as part of my official proposal (I’ll film it for you even) if I were to win. Anyway, thanks everyone involved in putting this on. I love seeing a motif that involves themes of positive vibes. Take care everyone!


I know that making more people aware decreases my statistical chance of winning, but I am a hippie that believes everything comes back around. So, if anyone wants to participate in the contest it is extremely easy.

1. Make sure you are a member of Sweet.

2. Sign up for Clinique’s rewards program.

3. Post an image or a video that explains how you spread hope/optimism/positivity, or something that brings a smile to your face. 

4. Post it on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok (You can follow us @paidfromtrades on all three 🥸 ). It must be a public profile.

5. 11/2/2021 is the deadline.

6. Use the hashtags below and you’re good to go!

#MetaOptimist #Clinique #Contest


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