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I finally did it - 1,000+ Followers

By TrocProcLock | Random Tech News | 13 May 2021

I would be lying if I wasn't shooting for that milestone for a while now. Sure when I joined Publish0x about 16 months ago I started with a tiny following. It was a slow and agonizing process to get more followers. But truth be told in the beginning I never set my sights on lots of followers. From the onset I wanted to get views! I wanted more and more people to read what I was writing. And sure I wanted tips along the way, but tips were secondary to views. Because in my mind, the more people who viewed my articles and how to guides meant that I was helping more people get up to speed in the crypto world.

I had a rough time getting into the Crypto World. I felt like the barrier was so high. My old neighbor used to mine Bitcoin about 8 years ago and I was aware of Bitcoin and Blockchains but I never dabbled in it. And on top of that I work in the IT world so I am pretty tech savvy. So you would think that I should have been able to jump right into crypto and master it. Well it was a slow and rocky start for me. 

I started way back with Coinbase and doing their "earn" section where you earn a couple bucks of a crypto for watching a few videos on it. They were informative and fun. That led me to install Brave Browser which if I am not mistaken is what let me to Publish0x as an ad. When I started with Publish0x I probably only have $50 in crypto to my name.

My personal mindset was always that I was not going to put my fiat 'real' money into crypto. Everything I have in crypto was going to be separate and 100% profit. I was going to put in the time online to earn various cryptos or mine them to boost my portfolio. It's been a long journey but I think I can finally say I am not a crypto noob anymore. I have been apart of various airdrops. I have mined for various cryptocurrencies. I have tried out numerous crypto browsers and blockchain games. I have had a freakin blast in the crypto world so far and the sky's the limit.

Because of this journey I was able to buy parts and build this beautiful baby! It was a 20 year old dream that I was finally able to start and finish.


Yes I like Deadpool :)

I can still remember the first time I read an article and someone was talking about "HODL" and that was an adjective to describe what they were doing with their crypto. It took me longer than I care to admit that I finally figure out that HODL was just a fun silly way to say HOLD. 

I have been to crypto meet up type thing like DYGYCON and it is also where I got this baby which is definitely in my top 5 favorite NFT's


I still can't forget my first NFT I created. I had to commemorate the Publish0x pig as Publish0x was the reason I was able to get this far in the crypto space.


The Publish0x team really deserves more credit then I think they are given. This website has helped so many people come into the crypto space and learn about different cryptos. And as much as I criticize Publish0x for the tipping tokens they select, after that Ampleforth / FORTH airdrop I don't have room to speak negatively about it ever again :)


With all that being said I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows me here on Publish0x and also over at Noise.Cash. I promise I will keep on writing quality content that is informative and helpful!

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I am a crypto enthusiast and also a crypto noob :) Just trying to learn more each day.

Random Tech News
Random Tech News

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