Blackberry (RIM) as we know it is finally dying!

Blackberry (RIM) as we know it is finally dying!

By TrocProcLock | Random Tech News | 4 Feb 2020

It has been announced that TCL will stop selling Blackberry phones as of August 21st, 2020. TCL will however support it's current models until August 2022. Blackberry as a brand just is not viable anymore and they know. TCL was announced as the Blackberry global licensee in December of 2016. They have been created Blackberry phones for about 4 years now.

TCL is a partially Chinese state owned company. Blackberry has been out of manufacturing for a while and has been focused on developing Software and Security.


History of Blackberry is the past couple of years showing their demise:

December 2012 - Blackberry amasses 80 million users globally, then starts to decline

August 2013 - Blackberry announced its intention to sell the company

September 2013 - Fairfax Financial offered to buy Blackberry

September 2015 - Blackberry Priv was unveiled which ran Android

September 2016 - Blackberry agrees to a licensing partnership with an Indonesian company called BB Merah Putih

December 2016 - TCL was chosen as the global licensee of Blackberry Brand

October of 2016 - Blackberry starts working with Ford of Canada to develop software for connected vehicles

February 2017 - $20 million class action lawsuit from former employees

March 2018 - Blackberry starts working with Jaguar Land Rover to develop software for connected vehicles


Between 2015 and 2018 they released 9 Android Phones

Between 2013 and 1015 they released 10 Blackberry 10 Phones

I wholesomely believe that if Blackberry didn't mess around with Blackberry 10 and just went straight to running Android in 2013 they would still be a force to be reckoned with. I mean look at this beauty!



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Random Tech News
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