Taking Breaks from Publish0x, Helpful or Detrimental?

Taking Breaks from Publish0x, Helpful or Detrimental?

By Lukros76 | Random Stuffness | 7 Aug 2021

It's summer time where I'm at and I can imagine most others on here are experiencing the same hot days, with that being in mind this period is connected with vacations, the sea, pools and in general just taking breaks from regular life. With this being the case, I though I could take a look at my time away from Publish0x in the last week as both a writer and a reader. I was originally just going to talk about breaks within writing posts on the site but I decided to focus on the general hiatus taking from the site as both a viewer and a writer as it allows for more people to benefit from it.

To start, I'll elaborate on my hiatus. It was quite short, only about 8 days since my last post, and it wasn't a vacation per se as I haven't been doing anything that most people might call a vacation. I'm spending some time at my grandparents house in the countryside and had a 3 day trip to my girlfriends place (where there is a pool, thank god). During this time I of course rested somewhat, had some time for myself and things I wanted to do and in general didn't think too much about writing here. The first few days that I made a break were supposed to be writing days but I had a headache both days and decided to postpone it, ended up being a longer postponement, lol.

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So, what were the effects of this hiatus you're probably wondering. Well for starters I feel a lot more ready to read articles, I stopped reading articles almost completely as I was too busy either writing my own or I was just searching for the ones that were likely quality content without having to read them entirely. Now that I've had some time away from it all I feel a bit more fresh, I was mostly detached from everything happening in both crypto and the site itself so it feels good to be back. I also don't feel the same anger over bad content I find all over the site, it's easier to just skip it now than it was before as it used to make me furious.

I also feel a lot more tip friendly, I'm quite a bit more likely to tip something even if it's not the most quality article as long as it's attempting to share something useful or interesting, rather than searching for particularly good articles that certainly deserve the tip.

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On the other side of the spectrum is the writing part on here, just like with reading I feel a lot more inspired to write stuff once again as I had been a bit burned out attempting to write around 5 articles per week as that seemed like the most efficient schedule I could have. Despite the fact that 2 of my last 3 articles were my most popular ever it was still strenuous to research and prepare everything so hopefully with this rest period, I've recharged myself enough to continue for some time!

In a similar manner, since I haven't been thinking about topics for writing or researching as much there is a lot that has happened in the meantime that I can both comment on, analyze and so on and so on...

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As you can imagine, there is always a benefit to taking a break from something you've found yourself doing for longer periods of time and it remains true for this situations as well. Burnout, boredom and annoyance can all be cleansed with a short vacation, break... whatever you want to call it. So if you feel like this, do it, give yourself some time, it'll help you out.

That's that for my hiatus experience, glad to be back writing some content! This one one of the rare "me" articles, where I focused on myself rather than a general topic that might be interesting to everyone so I hope you liked it!

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