I was wrong, 80% of Japanese oppose Olympics this summer

I was wrong, 80% of Japanese oppose Olympics this summer

By Lukros76 | Random Stuffness | 17 May 2021

I made a blog post like a week ago saying around 60% of Japanese people thought the Olympics should not be held... and in a completely expected turn of events the situation in Japan only got worse and with the most recent poll, over 80% of Japan thinks the Olympics are a risk to the health of people from Japan and the athletes competing as well.

Last time I wrote, the state of emergency (SOE) had been in effect in Tokio and one other province, since then the situation has worsened and the SOE has spread to other areas of Japan as well. With medical experts getting burnout and in short supply the healthcare system in Japan is collapsing and could bring an even bigger tragedy upon Japan soon.

The survey in question found that 43% want the Olympics canceled while an additional 40% want them postponed. So I wasn't really wrong in the last article it's just that this survey had more options of which 2 are essentially opposing the games.

In general Japan has a smaller outbreak compared to other countries but due to low vaccine numbers the situation seems like it was handled poorly.

Thanks for reading and hope you liked it!

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