Countries legalizing Crypto are using it as a cover

Countries legalizing Crypto are using it as a cover

By Lukros76 | Random Stuffness | 10 Jun 2021

Just wanted to bring to attention that all this legalization and attempts to make BTC an official currency and such are in a lot of cases just covering for either instability, tyranny or some other scandal that is happening in a lot of the countries discussing this.

In El Salvadors case for example, Bukele is using the army to pass bills he wants passed, he's also removing terms for presidents and the entire supreme court... there's a bunch else but those felt to me like the worst people have been talking about.

Millennial dictator' Bukele seizes all power in El Salvador - Paudal

India... their prime minister, Modi, mishandled Covid so badly... and there are also strikes due to agricultural changes he's made that are ruining farmers incomes and lives.

Narendra Modi speech highlights: Free vaccination for all above 18, Centre  to procure for all states | India News,The Indian Express

Mexico I can't comment on as I've heard only a few things but it's quite obvious that things like this are used to make public opinions better for yourself rather than actually helping people out.

And yes this is still good news for Crypto but for the people living in these countries and hearing how people are celebrating this "new awakening" it's horrible since it just covers up the bad situations found in these countries... I'm not really saying you should feel sad or anything like that I just wanted to bring this to attention as it is truly despicable what these people are doing.

Thanks for reading, hope you found it helpful.

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