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By Seaweed King | Random-Stuff | 17 Jun 2020

Today I’m going to talk about how amazing Publish0x is as a blogging platform.


My journey in joining Publish0x

It all started when I reviewed our curriculum for the coming semester. There I knew that we are going to have a creative writing course. I was nervous about it since my writing skills were not that great. I had to do something about it so I looked for a blogging platform to practice writing articles and essays. I tried Wordpress and Tumblr, but my experience there was not that motivating since my posts did not get a lot of views. In my desire to find a platform that would suit my interests, I discovered Publish0x on a subreddit about cryptocurrency. At first, I was very skeptical with the idea of Publish0x at earning crypto just by reading and posting articles. I read some articles posted on its front page. After the research and all, I told to myself, "Why not give it a shot?" Nothing will lose anyway." So I registered then applied for authorship using my blog in Tumblr as a sample piece. And luckily, I got accepted. YEY!


My experience in Publish0x


Good and Friendly Community

The people in the platform are really great. They have good hearts for those starting and small writers like me. My first post in my blog is a poem and someone commented on it, encouraging me to post more and do better next time. Thanks for the support, Gabriel Haines. Also, I earned $0.03 out of it. This is not much of an amount, but its value is great to me since this is my first time earning a cryptocurrency outside the top 3 known crypto- bitcoin, xrp, and Ethereum.



Lots of quality content

Publish0x features quality contents ranging from cryptocurrency to arts and even philosophy. I was pretty much a newbie in crypto when I came to this platform. And far I can say, I really learn a lot about cryptocurrency because of Publish0x.



Great way to voice out your opinion

Publish0x is a great platform for you to share your view about a certain topic. It allows posts that contain appreciation or criticisms. The community is really open on opinions on any topic, not just on cryptocurrency but on other topics as well such as politics, and social issues. They would also give suggestions if possible.



Simple UI

For me, Publish0x is much better compared to known blogging sites like Tumblr and Wordpress since its user interface (UI) is simpler and the design of the website is not confusing. The support team is also very responsive especially when there are technical problems being encountered. I've also been into Hive, but the UI there is very complex. You're gonna be needing a lot of patience when posting an article due to its limited resource credit. That's why Publish0x is more preferrable than Hive.




Overall, Publish0x is a top pick for bloggers out there. Not only that it rewards you from posting content, but it also rewards you from reading articles which is a win-win situation as both the author and the reader get paid. This is surely a great deal in earning while learning.




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