Atomic Wallet- Everything You Need to Know

By Seaweed King | App Review | 14 Jun 2020

In today’s app review, we are going to talk about Atomic Wallet: What it is and What makes it one of the best cryptocurrency wallets available for you to try


Atomic Wallet- Everything You Need to Know

Atomic wallet goes beyond the ordinary crypto wallet you use every day. Supported with over 300 cryptocurrencies and more, this multi-currency wallet has every function you’ll ever need in storing your precious cryptocurrencies, freeing you from the hassle of switching from wallet to wallet just because your app does not support the cryptocurrency you need. 


Solving your storage problem is not the only thing that this wallet can do as it also features a great instant exchange. Powered by Changelly and Shapeshift, exchanging tokens to tokens have never been so easy with Atomic Wallet. In addition, you could also buy coins via your bank cards with this wallet, making it super convenient.


Easy to Use

The user interface of the wallet is really thought out. Complex transactions in other wallets are made easy in this app. From buying cryptocurrencies to staking, everything is made simple. Navigation through the app is also uncomplicated. Its elements are all superb, not to mention its dark-themed design which makes the app easy to the eyes, especially at night. It also has an application available for desktop, so you can easily shift between your smartphone and your computer alternately.



Atomic wallet is fully integrated with coin staking function which is one of the best ways to earn passive income in cryptocurrency. You could also participate in their airdrop for more income.


Best Security

Security in a wallet has never been this tight. Atomic Wallet is fully protected with your own personal password to ensure the prevention of unauthorized access to the wallet and leakage of trading operations. You can also set up your fingerprint and face ID  for a more authenticated and secured system.


Trouble with data privacy? Then surely you will like Atomic Wallet since it can be fully operational without the demand of any personal information like your name or mobile number, helping you stay anonymous while trading as this app prioritizes the comfort and safety of its users while having cryptocurrency transactions.


Customer Support and the team Behind the App

You will surely appreciate the customer support of Atomic Wallet since they are very responsive to the problems of their clients. Plus, they offer various platform such as Facebook, Telegram, and Reddit for a faster communication in exchanging responses based on your queries.


What makes this app more interesting is the team behind it. It is composed of Konstantin Gladych, Charlie Shrem, and Simon Dixon who belong to the most known people in cryptocurrency. Through these giant personalities, you can really assure the reliability of the Atomic Wallet.

How to set up your account?
  1. Go to google play store and search atomic wallet
  2. Download it.
  3. Open the app. And click create new wallet.
  4. You will need to input a strong password to secure your wallet.
  5. After that, atomic wallet will now give you 12 words that you need to write down as this will be your back up key in case you forget your password, or something happen to your phone. Please store the backup key to a safe place and don’t give it anyone.

After that, now you’re good to go. You can now store, exchange, buy, and stake your coins in this amazing wallet. 


You can really say that Atomic wallet have exceeded our expectation. Since 2017, the ongoing development of the app was outstanding. The developers employ the users' feedbacks to keep it updated and become more user-friendly. They also manage on adding new features that will improve the overall stability of the app. Atomic wallet is surely a wallet you should try and watch out for.


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