A Different Color

By sleepyjey | Lens2Eye | 25 Oct 2021

I have a few different varieties of table rose plants on my balcony. Most have survived. I've seen some pretty flowers bloom from these plants and it's always been a calming, warming experience when there are flowers on some of these. I've enjoyed nurturing them and have felt pain when they have been damaged or broken. 

Twin flowers

This is a photograph of one of the plants that has bloomed. I found this particular set of twin flowers very fascinating. The first thing that I noticed was that they bloomed from the same branch tip. This is not unusual, but I had expected them to be very similar. Surprisingly, they were different. One was almost completely yellow and the other had a bold red design on its petals.  I was impressed at how close they were to each other. Their petals were literally hugging each other. Instead of crushing the other, they seemed to coexist peacefully and we're enjoying the closeness they shared. Also, they didn't seem to try and subdue each other. They looked proud of themselves and the short time they stayed bloomed. Their survival depended on the sun, the soil, the water and the pot they were  placed in and they showed gratitude. 

That is how nature works. I started thinking about how different humans beings can be. We try to subdue each other and outshine one another. We find it tough to coexist together especially in the same space - physically or metaphorically. We are jealous and we envy others. We do our best to satisfy ourselves and forget that our cardinal purpose of existence may actually be to bring joy and warmth to those around us. We take credit for everything and refuse to acknowledge those who nurture and build us up. 

Take a moment to look at that picture again. Appreciate the true beauty of flowers and learn lessons that are deep and eternal from it. 

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