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ripping asunder the very fabric of time i enter i this world a norn born prodigal son forsworn to shatter beliefs  adorned with the scorn of politicians and businessmen we can wish and pretend but they aren't our friends there's no means to their ends no justification for mass incarceration just a tired recitation of lies and manipulation causing mass capitulation so the capitalization and exploitation goes on with no justice just plight no wrongs made right but don't give up the fight there's always a light even if the end of the tunnel isnt in sight

gangrenous rot spreads decay festering wounds rotting away
only a hot knife and a steady hand will keep the wolves at Bay
prepare for the entry incision removing the rot can be a delicate procedure until it's all gone then I'll  cauterize this bitch shut and stop the bleeding caused by  capitalist  causality cascading corruption and bringing death and destruction.  concocting corrosive  chemical cancers to be tested on subjects getting tested on subjects budgets adjusted
next generation inducted to maintain false scarcity to make us think there's not enough... enough what. surplus to drive demand. or not enough quinoa on starving children's plates (they didn't do it for the nutmeg) so foreign investors can profit from loss

Blasphemous bile brought to you straight from my mouth, aired and broadcasted spread all about, spewing and spitting venom voraciously passionately pushing liminal limits
it doesn't take three white men to see me(then tell you) a new disorder a God inside a God redefining mankind as all for one one for all and people who will treat people like people will treat gods like people look around you all you'll see is eyes meeting eyes meeting eyes that have met eyes no more need to hide  or even break stride i and i survive strive to stay alive  one immaculate deception keeping lies from eyes so now I'm divinely intervening on behalf of ourself structuring whole new paradigms made from spacetime itself.  vines laden with grapes took drinking Spacebags smoking blunt so high mr.spacemean I'm on the hunt im a quasar destroying astroid belts spouting light forth emmiting radioactive pulsing convulsing carousing around me stardust carasouling around me. chaos is a beautiful thing unless bound by a ring and a need for control convergence emergence trying to control creation itself. didn't anyone tell you i don't work on commission

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The milk industry doesn't have a patent on single rhetorical questions..... Do they?

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