Thoughts on Tipping

Tipping Culture, Functionality, and Possible Improvements

I've been an on & off Publish0x user for the last 18 months. I'm a big fan of the community and the concept of everybody getting paid. It's literally win-win.

However, being from a country where it's not a custom to tip, it's an interesting experience having to decide how much I might like to tip someone. It's also an interesting experience receiving a tip when I haven't done anything - I guess the fact of the matter is that I'm encouraged to click into articles I might otherwise not have read because I'm going to get tipped for my time.

And as we all know...

Time is money.

(On that note, if money is a concept of human construct, does money also equal time?... I digress)

Anyway, I've come back today after a relatively lengthy absence and it got me thinking about how strange it is to choose how much to tip. Could this process be improved?

Could I opt in to a default tip amount?

Could I set my own default?

Could I auto-tip every article I read? Within the normal P0x rules, of course.


I guess I'm in a thoughtful mood. 💭 


Anyway, having said all of this. I would it if anyone who reads this short & sweet article could pop a comment down with:

  • Thoughts on tipping
  • Possible ways to improve tipping
  • Suggestions on how to optimise tipping
  • Etc. Etc.



As they say in New Zealand, ka kite ano, see you again. I'll try not to leave it so long before I visit again.


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Random musings of a Kiwi blogger 🥝

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