CEED NFT release party! Time sensitive information!

By Poorboycrypto | Random Crypto Stuff | 16 Jul 2021

So you may not know of CEED (Crypto earning and education destination) just yet, but you will! Today is the limited NFT release party.

Today CEED is releasing a limited amount of NFT packs to reward early adopters. These are part of a larger series. These early packs from "The Reveal" series will all be low mint numbers. Additionally and only in this limited 24hr promo, they are including an error card in each pack. For a total of 5 cards.


Here are just a few samples in PIC form. Want to see an example NFT in all its moving, sparkling, shining, blazing glory? Follow this link!

Want to know how you can get your paws on these cards now? You'll need a few things.

1. Wax wallet

2. Join our Discord.

3. 10-20$ in Crypto per pack. Various payments accepted, details in the discord.(Price starts at $20 and at random intervals throughout the 24hr period go down by 1 dollar until it hits $10. However be careful you don't wait to long as there are a limited amount of packs!)


Each pack gets you 4 Random NFTs cards from a total of 40 possible NFTs. Plus 1 additional special error card only available for this promo!

This series has 10 NFT card variants based on popular cryptos you probably recognize. Each Card has 4 rarities. Common, rare, epic and legendary. Common being the most abundant and legendary the least.


Enjoy this video to find out more.


Until Next time

Get claiming!

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Hello, I'm Poorboycrypto and I host a Youtube channel among other content creations. My aim is to help others earn cryptocurrency for little to no cost by preforming various tasks. I inform anyone willing to listen/watch.

Random Crypto Stuff
Random Crypto Stuff

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