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By Ran30426 | Ran30426 | 19 Jun 2020

What is Fulldive Browser?

Fulldive Browser is the world's first all-in-one social browser that allows you to browse, chat, and earn coins by doing what you love. Comment, tag, and get notified on trending topics amongst your social circle! Have something noteworthy to share? Just tag friends and join the discussion. Do all of this while collecting Fulldive Coins (FDC) on the app! The browser also has an Adblocker but it isn't so good. The Adblocker doesn't work properly.

With Fulldive Browser, you can leave comments & reactions, chat with, and tag Friends directly on any webpage. You’ll also get notifications when Friends interact with you. Stay connected by seeing others’ reactions and comments, and easily share online content within the app. No more copying and pasting links! Fulldive Browser makes the World Wide Web smaller. Again Fulldive is available for free.


Fulldive Browser is available for both Android and ios. For pc users, you have to download the chrome extension of Fulldive browser. Here is the link for you.




Promo Code: 7MXS6

How can you earn?

You earn Coins just by browsing, inviting friends and exploring activities under “Earning Options”. The more often you use Fulldive Browser, the more Coins you get! You can use a promo code to get 2500 coins.

Promo Code: 7MXS6

10000 coins = $1 USD, 100000 = $10 USD. The minimum withdrawal is $10 USD or 100000 coins. You can redeem your coins with Amazon gift cards, cryptocurrency (BCH and ETH), or you can also donate Coins to selected charities, such as Red Cross, UNICEF, WHO, and World Vision.


How to Sign Up?

You can simply use your Facebook account or your phone number to sign up.


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