Can't find much good faucets on the web? Here is a solution.

By Ran30426 | Ran30426 | 14 Jun 2020

What is Faucet?


A faucet is a reward system, in the form of a website or an app, which gives a small amount of crypto rewards to the visitor for completing a captcha or other tasks given by the website. There are many sites that give these faucets for completing a task. A multi-coin faucet means that the site or the app has more than one cryptocurrency to reward the user or visitor.

There are many sites and apps that give free faucets but most of them are scam or fake. So, I am giving some best Multi-coin faucets down below which really pays you.



ES faucets


ESFaucet is a Multi-crypto faucet in which you decide how often to claim. It has over 12 cryptocurrencies and you can claim faucets, complete tasks, watch videos, etc to get those coins. This site also has a miner. So you can also mine with your CPU.




Faucet Crypto


This one is a great multi-coin faucet that has 17 cryptocurrencies. It has a reward system that gives free faucets every 40 minutes. You can also do shortlinks, PTC ads, offerwalls etc. This site also has a level system where you can increase your level by completing various tasks. You will get higher rewards depending on your level.






This faucet has over 18 cryptocurrencies. You can claim 3 times a day. The site also has PTC ads and surveys. You can claim more and get higher rewards by upgrading your membership.








AltHub is another great multi-coin faucet that has 14 different coins. You can claim every 40 minutes. The site also has shortlinks, task etc.






As the name goes, this is an auto faucet where you can claim automatically or manually. They provide 22 types of cryptocurrencies including
 BITCOIN and  ETHEREUM with various types of instant payment this auto faucet is one of my favorites.





This is another auto faucet that has over 40 coins. You can claim dutchy every 30 minutes or do some shortlinks, PTC, mining etc. You can also claim a certain coin every 30 minutes. The coin keeps changing every month according to the votes.




If you need microwallets:


Express Crypto:



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