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By BITJudas | RainNotes | 31 Jan 2022

Thank you.

My sincere gratitude for everything that has happened in my life. To all the waves of life that have banged me into the rocky shores. Banged me without mercy and turned me into a tough, relentless fighter. Thanks to all Women, starting from my Mum, Sister, Grandma. Thanks to all my Lovers for the spells of Love that crushed my stoned heart. Blew into my heart life, love, tears, and feelings. Without all this, I would have been a heartless spartan.

Thanks to all men. My Father, whose absence has taught me not to attach to people and things. Thanks to my Grandparents, my Brother from whom I learned to care, strength, and simplicity. Thanks to all those who have beat me down, trained and made me stronger.

Man has many faces. Some are visible with the eyes, others are invisible at all.

When life hits you in the face, it beats you to your knees and you could stay in that state forever. Your shell cracks open and everything that is not you fall away. It's like rolling out of an egg to be reborn and become what you are meant to be. Dive into the pain with joy and gratitude, weep, moan and stand up again.

I don't get attached to status and people because life is so magical and temporary. Every situation, relationship, experience is Life itself and I take it. And everything that surrounds me is not separate elements, but a single Miracle - Life.

Don't get attached to the details, get attached to the world. With the Heart. That is the only way to find yourself.

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Human being in the planet called earth


I'll write here, somewhere on virtual reality. In a space where we listen and understand each other, tolerate each other. Here is much more joy and less stress. Just sharing everyday thoughts of my mind. If you want to hear easy thoughts and strangely made sentences (English is not my first language :) stay.

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