Is it worth reading a book?

By BITJudas | RainNotes | 5 Feb 2022

The book is a wonderful gift. A journey to the furthest caves of your consciousness. Where I find so much peace and unconditional love. The thoughts that I get from a book, every now and then I see dazzling wisdom.

- It is difficult to transmit infinite power to finite minds... -Tesla

With every page, I turn I get rid of stone that holds my mental limitations. And it gets easier, and it's amazing how much more I'm going to learn about myself, the world, others...

Books...they are real. They don't need electricity. They are always ready to give me wisdom when I open Books don‘t argue with me. You either like them or you don't. And if you've already started reading, then you're going to go on a journey... Where time stands still. Not everyone will understand what it's about.

But for those who have the inner strength and will to understand, the book can serve as a rocket that lifts the spaceship into the atmosphere

For those who dare... I wish you an unforgettable journey.

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