Please note, before you use your custom wallet address as node address, you may not use your nodes as regular wallet address!

Use your custom rai wallet address as your nodes address.

By otomatis | raicoin | 12 Mar 2021

Please note, before you use your custom wallet address as node address, you may not use your nodes as regular wallet address!
so, simply create different account for the nodes address and the reward receiver address.

this tutorial are basicly same as this tutorial you may read and know how it works first before running this tutorial.

If you didn't have any vps/server you can make ones on hetzner, i'm recommend it since already use it for 4 month (when i write this article), also you can use vultr if you want a simple vps provider without kyc verification needed.

On this tutorial, i use Ubuntu 20.04, if you're using other version/distro i didn't know it'll have error or not. also i use "Putty" as terminal.
Open up your putty, connect to your server/vps using ip. then follow these step by step. (run the code one by one if you didn't want to get an error show up.

sudo apt update

this command will update your current os data if they have some obsolete system apps.

sudo apt install screen

this command will install "screen", if you got a confirmation text, just enter Y then enter (on your keyboard).

vi /etc/sysctl.conf

after run this code, you'll see some text, go scroll to the bottom (it could you can't use your mouse scroll) simply use arrow bottom on your keyboard to move cursor into very bottom. then paste these code (use right click on your mouse to paste into the terminal)


then to save the file you need to press :wq on your keyboard. (shift+; then w then q if you're confusing :P)

we need to make sure the date/time on the vps was correct (mostly all vps provider always up to date), to check/validate your server date/time just type “date“ then enter.

after verify that date/time are valid (it may have some different hours due to your zone and the server zone), no problem.

time to get the main file, run these code:


it'll download the rai nodes latest version (as of 12/june/2022, version is 1.7.0), you may need to change this in the future when there are new version available. to check the latest version of nodes, you can go here.

chmod +x rai_node

this code will make the rai_node has access to be executed.

./rai_node --config_create --forward_reward_to=YOUR_RAI_WALLET_HERE

this code will make a configuration file to forward the rai earned by this nodes into your own personal rai wallet. i recommend to create a new address every nodes you makes, otherwise it's hard to check which nodes are having trouble when they have it (i have found 1 case that people nodes already run for several days but he's not getting rai because of he use very cheap vps which has very slow connection and i/o disk). change YOUR_RAI_WALLET_HERE with your own wallet. if you haven't download the desktop wallet yet, use the webwallet on to create ones.

screen -S node

this code will make a new screen session for your rai_nodes.

./rai_node --daemon --raw_key

then paste (right click on your mouse once) your secretKey (you'll find this on the json file you download from vanity), see blue box on the images below.

this secretKey is to be used as raw_key. on the blue box.

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