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Like many things in life, we all have preferences for certain reasons; someone rubs you wrong, tastes bad, etc. As for myself, I like Cointiply for many reasons and the same goes for FaucetGamers.

I wasn’t immediately turned on by it. It was just another faucet site with ways to earn. After a few weeks of visiting and getting some GTs (one of the native digital currencies for their site), I finally tried the passive income game: Crypto Pirates. I could likely write an article on it alone, there are many features but I’ll keep it mildly short (yeah right).

Crypto Pirates Game Faucetgamers.com

The picture just shows part of my fleet. From that page, I can buy new ships and repair my own. Depending on their price or how many GTs you have, they will last a short period with a lower yield or the opposite. You need to log in once a day at least to get your LP Tokens to receive the bonuses. No loyalty then bum luck on your passive that day. Good incentive to come back right?

You gain GTs and/or GCs depending on how you sail. It will equal more than repair costs it just takes patience, or a bunch of coins in a day. Your earnings are based on your Naval Power, which once a day you get a free chance at getting a 5–30% boost by “hoisting your colors.” If you want to reroll it will cost LP points.

I’ve been on a steady increase but am pretty fresh to the game. So, I’m on the last page of the “bounties” list. You can set the sailing mode in “captains orders” to Pool Bonus Mode or Gold Coins Mode. I’m usually in pool mode so I get a cut of the other pirate’s booty Rahrg. You get both coin types as well. You may have mutiny from your crew, lose ships, and much more. Very interesting game and if you pay attention, you can keep increasing your value and maximizing your profit by getting better ships.

Other things stick out other than that game. There are arcade games like PacMan, tournaments, offer walls, an LP faucet, and much more you can do to stack your coins. There’s a new game added called Sorcerer Games, which I keep meaning to try, but I’ve been meaning to write this for a while too. Looks cool, my LP points are low due to my lack of activity lately, but that will change soon enough.

A couple of games from the Game Page by Faucetgamers.com

I’ve been through many sites trying to find some golden goose egg or a get-rich-quick scheme. Those are the ones that will get you for your money if not wise enough. I’ve been suckered a couple of times myself.. perhaps a few :) I learn the hard way as usual hopefully, I’m wiser. I list the ones I’ve tested and have had a good experience with on my site and this is one of them.

After searching through all of those sites and dedicating my time I found that there are many bots, stingy or nonexistent owners. This is the ONLY site of many that I’ve received a detailed response to some questions I had and I was trying to find answers forever. Very helpful owner and/or staff and after that I just got a really good vibe about the people that played on the site even. I’ve received some short responses I’m not saying help doesn’t exist, but the owner I believe heard what I was saying. The others that respond avoid the question or go around in a loop, unless you’re reporting abuse or something.

On top of being an original site compared to others in the same category, they have awesome leadership and a good playbook. Not many people mention their site that I have seen (my eyes are pretty bad though), but I’ve seen the site grow and it seems to be headed up the list. Definitely on my list and I hope people will see what I see once they give it a shot. If you like faucet-type sites, I’d put this one on your list to visit daily. Good vibes and good times!

Earn Page, get some more coins for different activities. More utility on page news, recommendations, and other helpful information.

I’m grateful for the kindness shown and the wisdom shared when I felt like I was done asking. Honesty and loyalty are a big portion of my values, I’m showing love for a site that in my opinion should be on more top faucet lists for 2022. I had to give a shot out to the family over at faucetgamers.com they’re awesome! Now, I’ve mentioned the link enough so all of you are now brainwashed... GO NOW and give them a shot! Playing, but here’s one more and hope everyone is as well as these times can permit! Faucet Gamers Site

Citation: https://rah10corez.medium.com/shout-out-to-faucetgamers-com-a5073bda02b7

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