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Cosmos to Evmos to Trust

By Rahlly | rah10corez | 3 Jan 2023

Cosmos to Evmos to Trust


This may be a no-brainer for some. I'm new to Keplr wallet and the Osmosis Swap, so I spent some time scratching my head. Surprisingly the first try, I was able to swap and send it to my Trust fairly quickly. Perhaps it was the device I was using, but the second time was a pain. The current APR for Evmos on Trust Wallet is 121.85% which is the reason I wanted mine sitting in there. If you've never converted Atom to Evmos and sent it out before, here's the easiest way I've found after receiving shotty instructions.


You can get Keplr wallet as a Chrome extension or a mobile app. I'll be using the extension for the demonstration. You can just click where I blacked out the address to pull your key to load up with Cosmos and be sure you send only on the Cosmos chain.


Keplr Wallet Desktop Extension


Once you have your desired Atom you wish to swap for Evmos. Head on over to

It's a nifty-looking site and there are some catchy rates if you choose to stake there or invest in LP pools. You'll notice, even with your wallet connected you won't have any Atom available. You'll need to move it from the Cosmos Hub to the Osmosis chain using its IBC capability (Inter-Blockchain Communication). Click Assets on the navigation bar.


Osmosis Assets


Next, click the deposit button to the right of Atom to send your Atom from the Cosmos Hub to Osmosis. Input the amount you would like to deposit, approve with Keplr and send it.


Cosmos Hub to Osmosis


Now return to the Osmosis swap page and you'll be able to see your Atom. You can now just swap your Atom for Evmos. It will use your Atom for transaction fees initially and it will use Evmos once you withdraw to the Evmos chain. Choose the amount you would like to convert and hit swap.




Head back to the assets page when you're done swapping. This time hit the withdraw button next to Evmos similar to how you did for Atom, the withdraw button is to the right of the deposit button. This will bring you to a whole new page for the IBC transfer. 





You're going to flip it with the center arrows so that you are sending Evmos from the Osmosis chain.




Assuming you're following along with Keplr, hit the "Get Address" button which the yellow arrow indicates above. This will give you the address to your Evmos wallet for the connected wallet (Keplr in this case). Choose the amount you'd like to send. You may have to try a couple of times, I think the low GWEI option just wasn't working when I was struggling, but I lowered the amount of  Evmos to be sent by a few units anyway. I also used the normal speed to send. Once the transfer is a success, return to your Keplr wallet on the Evmos chain to see your tokens. 




Now you have a balance of Evmos to send! If you're looking to stake at a high rate on Trust Wallet. Get your Evmos address from Trust Wallet and get your Evmos out of Keplr.


Trust Wallet Stake Evmos


Now head into your Evmos wallet on TW and you'll see the option to stake. You'll be able to choose from quite a few validators, I always choose Cosmos Station.


Evmos Trust Wallet Staked


Look at that APR! You can makeshift it into APY if you self-compound daily. The bottom option will allow you to compound your rewards into your stake. It's a nice little perk, the amount you have staked is always growing consistently and rapidly. It's also worth taking note there is a 14-day lock time, so be sure you're ready to stake when you finalize the process. You can redelegate if you choose, claim rewards instead of compounding or stake more. When you stake more, it puts all you have except the amount you choose to leave out from your new stake into the total amount staked (including your rewards). 


That's about it. I had a hard time finding any recent material for this. So hopefully, my struggle leads to an easier time for somebody!


Happy New Year and hope you're all doing well!








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