Writing Approaches for Publish0x

Writing Approaches for Publish0x

By rah | rah | 16 Oct 2020

I have been posting on Publish0x for about 3 months and it is interesting to see how different people use a range of approaches. I was particularly impressed yesterday morning – and I guess this is what finally solidified my decision to write this post – when one particular post had received $7.78 in tips (and probably more by now). That is an impressive count and I too tipped after reading what was a well-researched, well-written and informative article.

While I receive reasonable tips (and I am certainly not complaining – thank you everybody), this tip was on another level.

The author had clearly put a lot of thought and effort into writing and that is my subject for today, so it is more likely to appeal to bloggers (or would be bloggers) than readers, but anything informative and educational is ultimately beneficial for all.

It made me think about what I do in my more modest way and how it compares to other authors. Those of you who follow me know that I did a Posts Analysis last weekend for which I presented my results on Monday. This was a useful and educational exercise and as always I am open in sharing my learnings through both good and bad experiences. At the risk of repeating myself this particular author who had received such a high number of tips for one article stood out.

I have seen in my time on here interesting perspectives on shitposts and I remember one blogger even saying I like shitposts even if they aren’t particularly educational or helpful to the reader. Not sure I agree on this – but each to their own!

There is another author that I watch intently and this particular one has a totally different approach. From what I have seen it seems that this author posts a huge number of posts each day. They are relatively short, always crypto related and usually get between $0.10 and $1.00 in tips before, as with most posts, they disappear into the Publish0x wilderness.

Please note I am not calling them shitposts, I am not qualified to make such an assessment and it would be terribly judgmental.

It may just be that this author is the wisest of us all, given the recognition of what works on Publish0x and spreading his posts over 24 hours, to maximise world impact.

It is a very curious approach and assuming they are original (not copied and pasted) they must take a lot of time to put together. I just wonder if the time over earnings ratio is worthwhile. The fact is that most of us probably have a low time (of writing / publishing) to tips ratio, but it is ok as we are building up a following, learning while we blog and probably only publishing a few posts a week. In August I went through a phase when I was posting five times a week – Monday to Friday, but I have always believed in posting only when I have got something to say so as I had aired more of my views I of course had a bit less to say – it’s only natural.

Concerning posts, it’s ultimately a numbers game and the question is whether it is better to receive one large tip or whether the cumulative total of a larger number of small tips is worth more.

Personally I would prefer to aspire to write one high quality article at a time with a return similar to the first author rather than pumping out huge numbers of articles which acquire a large number of low tips. To be in the same position the later would have to produce at least 7 or 8 articles a day.

This is why I raise questions, because if it is copy and paste it will be found out in the end. Of course I am not accusing but I am suggesting several hours works for the return of just a maximum of a couple of dollars is in my view hardly worth it.

As for me this is my approach:

  • I have established my own voice, a narrative style
  • I write what I know
  • I write from scratch and don’t even copy and paste elements that I have researched. Even on the rare occasions when I do copy and paste it is from self-written articles which I have published on another site (usually my own website which I run as part of my business).
  • I reference everything (I make a note of the links as I am going along)
  • I spend somewhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours on each article and carefully proof read it (although the occasional typo still slips through).
  • I try to use interesting images, some of which I create myself and others which I source through the suggested PEXELS website which offers high quality images.
  • I create my own data presentations where necessary whether it be in a table format or a graph.
  • Finally I respond to feedback and adjust where necessary – there was a case in September when I adjusted a title as some of the feedback I read suggested that it could have been misread. I appreciate community feedback. It helps me to be a better writer, more attuned and in better contact with the community.

It will be interesting to see what others think. Please note I have not named either of the authors as I want to respect them and also comply to EU GDPR. Please remember I am not disrespecting or criticising either in anyway. I am just curious about their approaches and personally I would prefer to publish fewer higher quality posts when I really have something to say.

On that I will leave you to it. Have a wonderful day and stay safe and well.


I love reading and technology as well as history. I teach English and Business to professional clients as well as soft skills with a focus on communications. I am a big fan of both Sheffield Wednesday and Lincoln City Football clubs


Experienced Business Owner and Coach and Tutor who now trades in Crypto. It is proving to be an interesting journey with so much technical language involved. Follow me as I learn the trade (and how to trade). Made some howling mistakes to begin with, but still learning and will share what I learn as I learn it for the benefit of the community. - RAH

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