Why I have Fallen in Immediate Love with Celsius

Why I have Fallen in Immediate Love with Celsius

By rah | rah | 20 Oct 2020

Do you ever have those moments in life when your brain just screams d’oh!


A couple of weeks ago I finally got myself into gear and opened a Celsius Network account and I have done exactly what I said I would in a recent post on how I am using my Publish0x income to leverage maximum profit.

Let me explain. Just before the last Publish0x payout I aligned all of my settings and moved my Ethereum and BATs directly into Celsius and took my Loopring into Coinbase before waiting for some slight upward momentum before converting it to DAI (mainly to account for any Coinbase commission) and then feeding it too into my Celsius account.

Today I received my second Celsius reward of £0.08 (approximately $0.10USD). Big Wow I hear you exclaim, but let me tell you why I got so excited. This is just a first deposit on a tiny amount and I can now make a direct comparison to my regular savings account, held in fiat in a regular bank. I had to extrapolate slightly to get a common baseline to make the calculations consistent and while I am not sharing the exact figures the differences

Consider the following scenario based on a theoretical model that has been drawn from my actual figures. I have simplified the figures to straight line gains rather than compounded. So long as I have applied this to both the comparison stands. From where I come from we have a saying that what is good for the goose is good for the gander – in other words be consistent

Imagine you have £1000 in your fiat account and I have £50 held on Celsius. The interest gained over a year (straight line) on your savings at 0.010% (actual bank figure) works out at £1.00 (incidently if you divide by 12 you get almost exactly the same as you would get for one week on Celsius as you get for one month with 20x less funds!). My extrapolation has demonstrated that for Celsius-held £50 you would receive £4.62 over the year or if you had £1000 in your Celsius account you would receive £92.40. To achieve a similar return on your fiat savings account you would need to have a balance of £92,400.

I think my maths is correct - but if not the principles still hold. Celsius by far represents a better income for holding currency than your bank

This is the bottom line.

To achieve the same return on a Fiat Savings Account 90x more currency would need to be held.

However the following must also be remembered

  • Standard bank accounts offer well below inflation rates of return so held capital is actually going backwards
  • I am holding in BATs, Ethereum and DAI. DAI is pretty much going to stay where it is. BATs are currently at a fairly low point so will only get better and only Ethereum is subject to wild fluctuations although the long term trend is upwards. Even if Ethereum undergoes a significant devaluation it will be hard pressed to fall below the gains achieved when compared to my conventional savings account.
  • On Celsius I always have the option to switch to higher yielding currencies and particularly when Ethereum goes on a run it is a serious consideration to maximise leverage and convert to an alternative, with stablecoin being the most attractive option. Of course this is a bit of a gamble because it is the difference between stable profits and greater risks. Bailing on Ethereum in favour of high yielding stablecoin income could be a mistake if Ethereum goes ballistic (this isn’t going to happen until / unless they get their gas fees under control).
  • The best news is that at this time it is only being fed by my Publish0x income (and later Cointiply) which counts as a kind of free income – so whatever happens NO LOSSES are guaranteed even if it all gets wiped out. Of course over time this may change and once my main portfolio returns to profit the profits will be syphoned off as DAI and fed into Celsius too. The latter will have been truely worked for but again it represents profits only.

I had heard about Celsius months ago, but was slow to react and just maybe if I had reacted sooner then the value of my portfolio wouldn’t have suffered so catastrophically in September.

While it is still sluggish indicators are beginning to suggest an upward move is due soon. There seems to be some resistance (look at BitCoin and BitCoin cash recently - almost in touching distance of their end of August Prices) but I am firmly of the belief that the breakthrough is more of a case of when and not if.

Stay well, stay safe and you will hear from me again soon



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Experienced Business Owner and Coach and Tutor who now trades in Crypto. It is proving to be an interesting journey with so much technical language involved. Follow me as I learn the trade (and how to trade). Made some howling mistakes to begin with, but still learning and will share what I learn as I learn it for the benefit of the community. - RAH

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