Why Faucets are Suddenly Far More Attractive.

By rah | rah | 23 May 2021

In recent times there has never been a better time to acquire FIAT based crypto rewards.

What do I mean my FIAT-based crypto-rewards.

There is plenty of free crypto out there - just a case of looking for it. However you must always always be careful of scams and never share you keys. I also warn you to be wary of wallets for reasons I have  discussed  previously

Rewards are often rewarded in directly in Crypto or on a Fiat basis.

So let's take for a start where we are right now. I am fast approaching my first anniversary on Publish0x and in that time I have somehow acquired more than 1000 followers and been well rewarded as a blogger and I'd like to think I have built a good relationship with the admins with whom I am in contact with from time to time - either at their initiative or mine. Now Publish0x reward in tips directly in Crypto with the current choices being Ampleforth, iFarm and Ethereum. The fiat value is not fixed whereas the reward is.

Incidentally just to come back to wallets and my warning about them. Since Publish0x switched to Ampleforth and iFarm I have struggled to find a home for them and I earlier in the year I moved some to a wallet and it has proven impossible to move my resources since because of prohibitive gas fees. I want to make it clear this is not blaming Publish0x in any way - it is just wallets and gas.

Simply wallets steal your money

The other way of being rewarded is according to a fixed fiat value. Usually USD,

Coinbase Earn and Read:Cash work on this basis as does my favourite - that being Noise:Cash which is often called a "kind of Twitter for the Crypto Community." I love Noise and the Noise Community and in many ways it has replaced my regular social media because it is more than a rewards platform.

So the point is this, which ever means utilised to gain free crypto this is the best time in a long time to acquire it on the basis of its USD value because very simply each cent buys you more crypto. Let's imagine my favourite fictional currency ABCx was valued two months ago at $2.00 and you get rewarded $0.05 for completing some task or giving a tip. This means that you will now have 0.025 ABCx. Now in the current climate ABCx is valued at $1.00 and again you get $0.05 for completing the same task. Only now your $0.05 will earn you 0.05 ABCx.

So the principle is because of the lower prices you get more.

Now this is where faucets come in. I have been a long time user of Cointiply and while I acknowledge what it is I admit that it is slow and or time consuming. However there will probably never be a better time to get on board with Cointiply again and use those dollars which can be taken in Doge or BitCoin as you will get a lot more crypto for your money based on the principles illustrated above. I have written about Cointiply before so please read my review and how to get the most of out of it for yourself here.

If you consider signing up please feel free to use my affiliate link, it won't cost you anything, but it will help me along too.

Join Cointiply

As always stay safe and stay well my dear crypto friends.

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