Putin, Russia, NATO and Ukraine.

By rah | rah | 5 Feb 2022

Unless you have been living in the clouds you will be well aware of the escalating tensions in Ukraine?

Russia fears the ever increasing expansion of NATO and its regional implications. It argues that after the Cold War NATO was as obsolete as the Warsaw Pact, other than as a device of US colonialism or to pick fights particularly with Serbia. NATO on the other hand argues that each nation state (unless you are a US vassal of course) should be free to choose its own destiny.

I am not a Putin groupie nor a fan of his approach to Human Rights nor diplomacy (remember Salisbury and Crimea anybody?) While I don't agree with Putin's approach I think he might have a point when we think about the balance of power and how NATO's ever encroaching growth has effectively surrounded Russia. Not only that but to further upset the balance Russia will almost be denied access to a warm water port that opens into the Atlantic (Black Sea - Mediterranean - Atlantic). That's the real reason for taking Crimea and we must remember Turkey - a NATO member - controls the Bosphorus anyway.

Russia has two tenets to their argument, this one and the sense of collective security. Both make sound political sense even if Putin is being a d___ about it.

In an ideal world Ukraine should be free to set it's own path and make it's own choices but that is not realpolitik in the same way as Britain and France's failure to liberate Poland in 1945. Russian boots were on the ground, Britain was spent and the Red Army was overwhelmingly powerful.

And I am not even going to comment on France.

And by the way concerning America Roosevelt who may have had a conscience about Poland was dead and as far as Truman was concerned The US had achieved its strategic aims. Old World Colonial Power was broken, Britain was mortgaged to the hilt to the US (a debt that woudn't be paid off until the early 2000s) and Europe had been effectively divided into both American and Soviet spheres of influence.

What NATO needs to do is say there is no opening to join, but there is a bilateral defence pact which will see no NATO assets on Ukrainian soil unless Russia attacks.

And as far as Ukraine are concerned they should sign a similar agreement with Moscow just in case Nato attacks.

Then we will see Putin's real intentions.

A British military expert says yesterday that Ukraine should not and probably never should be asked to join NATO.

His counsel would be well heeded, but as Czech was Hitler's last warning so should Ukraine be Putin's,

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