Great Returns EoM (August 2020) Crypto Report

By rah | rah | 1 Sep 2020

So it is the end of another month and it represents the end of my second full month of trading so I thought it would be worth giving the community some feedback, as I have introduced a lot of different strategies as part of my multi-faceted approach to crypto trading and begun to yield some pretty good results.

Those of you who follow me will be aware that over the last few days I hit a 10% yield on my investment and while the market can best be described as sluggish at the time of writing I have seen little movement and most importantly no downward movement. There is a sense that the Crypto I am holding is just waiting to go again… so we will see.

I am going to talk in terms of percentages as it isn’t right to share specific figures as I am sure you will respect. However before doing so the reader needs to realise that my investment portfolio is not monolithic. I have divided it into a series of pots and some are performing better than others while the overall value of my portfolio has increased. Some of my pots are below the line and one in particular is well over.

This puts me in the enviable position of HODLing while in profit so when the prices rise (and they will) profit release will be exponential.

The Bottom Line

Compared to this time last month (that being 31st July 2020) my portfolio has moved comfortably from being quite down on the original investment to a whopping 10% up (sorry I keep repeating myself). The swing in itself actually amounts to an increase in my portfolio value of 22.26% in the space of 31 days. It has moved from quite significant losses (although not as bad as they had been looking at one point earlier in July) to quite substantial growth.


Everybody knows I am in love with TEZOs and through the processes of Milking the Cow and Suckling the Pig my TEZOs holdings increased so much that they represent from nothing 8.4% of my portfolio and when the price was surging a couple of weeks ago I managed to create in addition a new investment pot that in itself has shown sluggish growth of a further 1.5% (again if I use my bank as a barometer it would take 150 years to achieve such a yield from my savings account). So even what I am calling sluggish is exponential in comparison.

Best Performance of the Month

In one day I saw one of my investment pots release 30.7% profit though the process of several trades over a couple of hours. I am not sure I can even do the maths to calculate how that compares to my bank interest. It was so good I can hardly imagine it being repeatable. Much of this was extracted as pure profit and will in the near future be set aside for further staking.


Almost all profits have been moved into holding currencies that are staking (albeit at Coinbase rates) and are earning until I build enough of a fund, not to affect my working fund but also to justify moving them to another exchange where I can get the rates that my hard and diligent work deserves.

Forgive me for patting myself on the back here, but yesterday when one blogger, who I have a great deal of respect for, complemented me on achieving a 10% yield in 10 weeks I felt fully vindicated in my approach and the work I put in. Hard work deserves a rich reward. If you are reading this you know who you are and thank you again.

Cashing Out.

This has been a major change as up until a certain point of this month I had failed to seize the advantage of surging currencies and cash out. My concern was that in cashing out I would reduce the size of my investment pot(s) and as a consequence reduce my profitability. Somebody had posted that a failure to cash out is a failure to profit and that makes perfect sense. Crypto will always remain virtual and consequently an abstraction until it is transformed back into a fiat currency or finds some other real world use – i.e. is used for real world purchases of products or services.

Cashing out is going to be the main feature of what I was originally going to write yesterday, but have postponed due to the good news I shared yesterday and my end of month report that I am posting today.


The truth is – I hope – that I will never get complacent. The potential loss of 22% of my portfolio soon after I begun was a low point that forced greater diligence on my part and now I am beginning to reap the rewards. I am hoping to learn greater patience as sometimes the long game is necessary to release greater profits.

I am driven by wanting my capital to work so I overwork my capital sometimes.

This kind of micro-management was necessary to turn things around because any scraped profit and growth was better than risking further losses, but now while remaining diligent and not resting on my laurels I can afford to be that little bit more patient in waiting for the profits to come and with this patience greater yields should be more and more possible as time goes on.

Targets for September.


  • I have one primary target for September and that is to grow each of my relatively small investment posts while achieving similar results to what I did in August.
  • I have also started a small experiment – mainly for fun, but also to prove a serious point. I have taken some of my BAT earned on Publish0x and I am treating it as I micro-pot and I just want to see how far it can grow, and I don’t just mean through waiting for the price to go up, but through active trading. At the moment it is running about or just above even, but I have only just started in the last couple of days. I am doing this as a proof of concept to see if you can literally make a fortune from free crypto as it is a way to encourage more sign ups (with my affiliate tag of course).
  • I am also considering using the theoretical model described in Slurping Your MIlkshake to see how much I can leverage out of the pot that was birthed out of my TEZOs. This will not be quite how I described it in the post because one of my aims is to grow this pot. So when I have extracted as much profit as I consider to be realistic the reimbursement will make the pot slightly bigger which will reduce the overall profit in one complete cycle. Thus far I have extracted 2.5% pure profit out of it.
  • My next overall milestone that I am looking to achieve is to reach 150% of my original portfolio value, but I estimate that I am still at least two months away from that. Not that I’d object if it happened sooner.

So all being good I will be full of smiles again next month.

Want to see how I achieved such results. Follow and check out my other posts on investment strategies.

More tomorrow – and my chosen topic as promised is Cashing Out

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