Cointiply - YES but Mr Chips - a Resounding NO!

By rah | rah | 11 Dec 2023

Before I start let me point out that I am a fan of Cointiply and over the last 3 or 4 years amassed about $100 in assets which I have utilised both wisely and unwisely at times. It is a nice steady income stream and because they payout the USD equivalent in crypto their business model is sustainable whatever the current value of the crypto.

I have written about Cointiply before and while they are reliable I still would not trust any of the adverts that can be accessed – a few might be okay. At least one enterprising individual even advertises Publish0x using his affiliation link.

I still stick to what I have always done, utilising the PTC adverts and rolling the faucet wheel (although for the last couple of weeks this hasn’t been loading properly). From time to time I play a game to collect quick rewards and do an installation for the same reason.

Does anybody else have this problem?

However recently they have introduced a new kind of Playtime called Mr Chips. Within it there are a list of games with promised rewards so when I came across a game called Merge Hotel that was offering 50,000+ Cointiply Coins ($5+) for completing certain tasks within 30 days I thought I would give it a go.

Now I played it each time I had some downtime – much to my wife’s annoyance – and while I wasn’t too efficient for the first couple of days, for example I learned that those items that automatically produce “Icons” like coffee from the coffee machine / ceramics from the cabinet / gold from the sports medal are best kept off the board in the secure area, so not to clog up the board when “merging” I quickly became very efficient.

BUT I didn’t put any money into it. $4.19 for a recharge to carry on playing otherwise having to wait for it to self recharge.

And the truth is that I didn’t even get close. I earned about 3000 Cointiply Coins ($3) and I can therefore conclude that it is a scam and not worth the time nor the investment.

As much as I love Cointiply Mr Chips can go and take a running jump.

However, I remind you of what I said at the outset. I love Cointiply. It is much faster than the other main faucet that I use ( and not too intrusive so long as done the right way.

Please consider my other P0x articles on Cointiply:

In the end I believe that Cointiply is worthwhile so why not join up and I would appreciate it if you used my affiliation link

Many thanks. Stay safe and well as always.

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