XRP vs BITCOIN - Which is the best cryptocurrency?

By rafaelken1989 | rafaelken1989 | 13 Aug 2020

The are a lot of cryptocurrencies in the world. Around a thousand already based on my research but I found them garbage. Some tokens are being used for ponzi schemes.

Who can forget one of the biggest cryptocurrency scams in the world:

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So without further ado, I will pick my most favorite altcoin, the XRP against Bitcoin.

PLEASE NOTE that this is my personal views only. I may miss other vital points but I just want to differentiate the key factors between the 2 currencies.

At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin is still number 1 when it comes to market capitalization category while XRP is sitting at the 4th sweet spot. :-)


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The infographic image showing the key differences of XRP vs BITCOIN:


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I will cite out the major advantages of XRP against Bitcoin. So here it is folks:

  • XRP has both decentralized and centralized nature (I will create another article about explaining the term "decentralized" in the future). Bitcoin is just decentralized.
  • XRP is more eco-friendly meaning it is not mined (proof of work is burn or consensus - again, I discuss this later on another article). Hence Bitcoin use more power and use more energy to create thus leading to more global warming issues. :-) that's a fact.
  • XRP's main goal is to solve world's problem on delayed cross-border money transactions. In short XRP is more of a utility token while Bitcoin is a digital Gold that's why it is so pricey albeit it has no utility power.
  • XRP's cheap in transaction fees. Almost free. Can a 0.0001$ fee burdens anyone? No.
  • XRP's the fastest cryptocurrency in the world! Yes you read and heard it loud and clear. Zooming a 4 second transaction done anywhere in the world. I have tried it. Bitcoin's quite lag.
  • XRP can take transactions up to 1,500 per second while Bitcoin's max is 10. That's a huge difference man!
  • XRP works well with Banks because of its centralized nature. XRP unites banks while Bitcoin moves away/delete banks! It's not easy to remove the banking system dude!
  • XRP can catch up with VISA meaning both can work together.

So I might be missing some key information but I believe I already cited those facts that XRP really stands out in the long game against Bitcoin.

Here's another scenario or an example that I can give.

Suppose you went to Starbucks, you ordered a cappuccino for 5 bucks enjoying an afternoon work break. You're done and it's time to pay, good news Starbucks accepts payments in XRP and Bitcoin! Here's the real deal occur, which cryptocurrency you choose? Obvious answer is XRP, why Bitcoin? LOL :-) Starbucks can't wait for another hour to confirm Bitcoin payment neither you! 4 seconds presto, payment done, you're out!


Hope you enjoy reading! :-)

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