Miss Dope Queen

By SnowWhite | Rae's Intro | 16 Oct 2019


We have all played the game called life, and have been left with crosses to bear. We all have our demons which leave us with sins and regret. I am no angel, as my demons nearly took every last breath.

A ride with a monster that started with just one thought. Not one around had a single clue yet everyone saw before it was through. It began with a wonder and overwhelming urge of temptation. To see it done right before my eyes, a promise of heaven that was only lies. For one who's left hurting from a life of pain and misery. Temptation was the start of almost losing me.

One dance with the devil and his golden handled spoon. It wasn't as was promised, it wasn't a favorite tune. They strapped the belt on tight as they loaded up the gun. The needle tears a hole as the descent to hell begins.

The world fades to black as I leaned back and everything goes numb. Looking back I question was it worth the pain as it left me feeling dumb. For once the demon hit my veins the true nature as I dug my own grave, I couldn't even begin to climb my way free. There was no hope or light, no chance to be saved. With each rush one more wasn't enough and that's when things got rough. But not to dance at all, really got rough. The pains of life, I just couldn't manage. One fact for which the demon took advantage 

To get that fix made me feel so sick. The scars it left, losing everyone's trust, but the feel undeniable feeding that rush, there was no more greater lust. Losing hope and love the true light from above. The feeling hitting all at once, the pain I tried so long to abstain. 

A sickness so terrible, making life so unbearable, a feeling of never wish to have again, losing the life of a once dear friend. A pain that stays with you until the very end, time doesn't heal that close to sin. To crave a numbness to take it all away. It gets in your hand and demands that you stay. An order from hell I now refuse to obey.

One ray of light offers hope, holding back the demons rope. My angel of grace offering  love to replace. Never yield to the plight fending off the demons might.

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25. Mother, writer and trying to express myself the only way I know how

Rae's Intro
Rae's Intro

I've gone by many things Resalynn or Resa, Rae, Lil.Bit.Rae, SnowWhite, or even Nyx at times I write on love, heartbreak, addiction or any personal issue I've gotten by to give someone out there a ray of hope knowing they aren't alone in this thing we call life.

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