"Be patient! These Levels are Near ”: Here are Bitcoin Predictions from 3 World Famous Experts

"Be patient! These Levels are Near ”: Here are Bitcoin Predictions from 3 World Famous Experts

By radiationkayser | radiationgeyser | 16 Jun 2020

Cryptokoin.com - A world-famous cryptocurrency analyst suggests that Bitcoin is ready to break above $ 10,500 to go up to $ 12,000. The crypto head in Visa talks about Bitcoin with positive words. Here are Bitcoin predictions from industry leaders ...

Here are the new Bitcoin forecasts from industry leaders
Michael van de Poppe: Bitcoin could break $ 10,500 to rise to $ 12,000
Famous cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe (also known as 'Crypto Michael') believes that Bitcoin is on its way to breaking the $ 10,500 level. On Monday, Bitcoin soon experienced a temporary low below $ 9,000, but the price later reversed. With the statements of the FED, the leading crypto money rose up to $ 9,600 with a $ 700 rally.

Michael van de Poppe suggests that Bitcoin is back in range and is trying to break $ 10,500 to go towards $ 12,000. Michael van de Poppe stated in his previous video prediction on YouTube that Bitcoin will probably reach $ 9,300 and then return to support of $ 9,000. Michael van de Poppe adds that breaking the critical level is the main condition for Bitcoin to rise to $ 12,000.

Travis Kling: Bitcoin transfers wealth from impatient investors to patient ones
Travis Kling, founder of the Ikigai Portfolio fund and CIO, reminded the community that keeping Bitcoin for profit requires great patience.

Historically, Travis Kling said that Bitcoin transferred wealth from impatient investors to patient investors. The founder of Ikigai Portfolio fund added that banks are now doing everything they can to trigger the Bitcoin price increase.

Cuy Sheffield: You can increase your wealth by investing in Bitcoin
Cuy Sheffield, the crypto head at Visa, says recently that Bitcoin has been flooded by traders and investors hoping to make a quick fortune.

Cuy Sheffield states that Bitcoin is a long-term investment tool. Cuy Sheffield suggests that in the next few years, new generation individual investors may lose their money stocks, while old generation individual and institutional investors may increase their passive income by investing in Bitcoin.

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