Your absence Makes A Difference

By Rachabel | Racha | 27 Feb 2023



When I remember you
An aching nostalgia wrapped all my insides
Your hands touching my cheeks with kindness
Sweeping my worries and troubles
Your care was my secure and shields
When you took me between your arms
I feel safe far from all trustees

In your presence, worth of Myriad guardians
I forget the world with all its wholesomeness


My beloved father your perfume is still stuck in my nose
Your aura still flying  in the house
Though you were deceased years
Nothing changed in your absence
May your soul rest in peace


Your loving daughter is remembering you always
You were my first love and endless 

You raised me like a real princess
You taught me the best virtues
I owe you all the praise
I dedicate you my sincere tributes

My wish for you is nothing less than paradise



When I remember you
An aching nostalgia wrapped all my insides

Missing you is burning all my soul's bits

Your departure was  too soon to recognize 

Your belongings reminds me of each memory my mind conserves

My eyes are welling up with tears

I am no longer that girl with wide smiles 

My heart was early broken into shads 

My beautiful days are gone with your sudden loss 



When I remember you
An aching nostalgia wrapped all my insides

Your death makes a great difference

It evokes all my pains 

But your remembrance boosts my perseverance 

Thanks be to God the Wise

Memories remain the only grace 

 To remember our  dead dears 





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