A New Hope

By Rachabel | Racha | 6 Sep 2023



Nothing beautifies the world more than hope
He gots thin threads that not anyone could grasp

It appears at a certain time, in a certain shape
But we are always waiting for it behind doors to clap

Life seems too tight without hope's pause

It is like sunrise displaying its rays over souls

 Like the light illuminating nights dimness 

Like the incense stick giving off fragrance 


We often crave it in the moments we desire
In the image that so long  we aspire

We are looking for hope by all means 

We don't feel its presence

Because of the fog surrounding blurring our lives
Blinding our eyes


Hope shines when we believe in miracles 

It's the straw we cling to so that we don't demoralize

The dream that never dies 

The main incentive to carry on struggles 

Without hope, the heart tires 

We end living in the margins

Never give up, for a new hope awaits

'cause from ashes, we d600bfefc61bc4562bd8a35adb585f0413736e294948da60b3ad4813ff3684af.jpgalways rise 

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Interested in writing, reading, translation, nature, poetry, humanity, life philosophy.

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