Metamask for iOS: Finally!

By Carlos Spicyweiner | Quickies | 8 Sep 2020

 After a long wait and countless clicking to try to beta test, it's out. 

I bought an Android tablet specifically to use this app. Two days later, the iOS version was released. I have perfect timing. However, there really is nothing different between the two versions. This is what a good app should be. 

Importing your existing wallet requires your mnemonic phrase. You can use private keys only after you've established a wallet. 

Built in browser


The built-in browser is easy to use. Great for first-timers and advanced users alike. While it's kinda silly when sites ask how you want to connect your wallet and give you Metamask as one of the options, it tells you that you have full control even though you obviously will be using Metamask. 

Loading times are a bit slow but it's nothing that'll drive you to ruminate on the meaning of life. 

Overall, it runs smoothly. Would be awesome if they have some sort of hardware connectivity. Hey, nothing is perfect. 


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