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By theatdhe | Questions and Thinkings | 30 Dec 2020

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Lately Leofinance had some minor problem on the platform since Leo is updating really fast and nodes aren't.
Most of users had problems changing their avatars, including here myself as well. But, if you are desperate to do that there is a way I found!

When you open an account on Leofinance you can use the same username in Hiveblog as well but Hive uses Keychain.

First, go get that Keychain extension for your browser.

After you have done that, go to your profile in Leofinace, go to your Wallet and click on LEO.

You should see this:
Download keys.jpg

Click the Key Button and download the keys that will be a notepad with keys. It will ask for your permission in Metamask just click Sign.

Next step, open the Hive Keychain and click to add an account:
write down your keys.jpg

Then, click USE KEYS/PWD

Then you should see this:
username and private key.jpg

Now, Enter your username, the exact same one you have on Leofinance and you can find your "private key" but in the keys file it goes under the name "password". Click Import Keys after you click that you should see another page that asks you to put the activeposting and memo keys.

enter public keys only.jpg

Enter only the public keys and then click Save.

The next step is, go to the search bar in browser and type after it loads click Login and type in your username!

Final step
final step.jpg
Go to Settings under "Profile picture" click Upload and that's it!

Let me know if this worked for you!

Catch with me on Leofinance!

*theatdhe! *

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