The Kaleidoscope (Fiction)

By Krisz Rokk | Quantum Stories | 10 Aug 2023

A small candle was flickering on the table while she pulled away with her chair. It was the third time she went out to check her postbox.

Maybe there’s word from him; it’s been five years and seven months that he’s been gone.

She went back in and continued her routine. The wine was waiting for her to be opened and savored. She always kept an empty glass for Gary in the hopes that one day he’ll return and they could go on living their harmonious lives as a couple. Nina always made sure it was Gary’s favorite: a rosé of pale pink color, fresh and sophisticated in taste.

The wind was blasting through the backyard causing frivolous trees to bend. It sounded like a symphony without a proper conductor adhering to a cold breeze capable of twisting notes and destroying nature’s most mystical musical performance.

The doors of a luxurious ballroom opened and there he was, in his impeccable uniform waiting for his siblings to come forward. A soft voice prompted her to follow him to show her the table where she would dine with the Captain’s family. No artist has ever been invited to join the likes of the royal family and its closest friends. However, Nina’s exquisite paintings were nothing short of extraordinary. Her unbelievable talent albeit unnoticed for decades had captured the attention of a high rank military officer who was fascinated by her unique ability to play with pastel colors.

Gary stood out from the crowd. He grew up in the military as both his parents served the royals. Just like his siblings, he was educated and very knowledgeable about Earth and the galaxies. What made him different was his vast experience of space. As a commander of the royal X3 fleet, he was in charge of Earth’s safety. All contracts had to be discussed with him and no species were allowed to mingle in our orbit without his consent.

“Your latest kaleidoscope reminds me of a trip to Veda. I’m curious as to when you received the downloads for this particular project?” said Gary in a firm tone.

“Oh, so you studied my creative art. How impressive. The kaleidoscope is the final piece of the Lion’s collection I was fortunate to present at Admiral Xiantu’s art gallery. Being deeply involved with Her Majesty’s course on frequency healing, her kindness inspired me to take a different approach when connecting to the ether. Creativity requires both an electric and magnetic charge for it to capture one’s spirit.” replied Nina swiftly without the slightest tremor in her voice.

“Well, it certainly captured mine. Would you like to dance?” went on Gary.

The music vanished and for the very first time in Nina’s life, time and space were no longer relevant. The long hours of training on how to tackle uncertainty and doubt finally paid off. To make it count she let go of all the fear, guilt and feelings of unworthiness that shaped her past. This was her moment. Transcending to a higher dimension has never been more sublime.

The marriage ceremony was held in a castle near a beautiful lake that belonged to Gary’s father. It was a beautiful get-together with family, friends and relatives. The war had just ended on Ptyrius and the peace contract was sealed by both royal families. Nina was relieved and happy to finally enjoy the wedding she had long prepared for.

The Kaleidoscope 2 - Original Story by Krisz Rokk

Early in the morning before going to bed Gary sneaked in with a bottle of rosé inviting Nina to have a toast and celebrate the start of their new life. Heading for an extraordinary adventure with Gary as a partner was all she could wish for. They were discussing and making plans for the future when somebody knocked on the door.

“Sir, Her Majesty requires your presence in the war room. You have to come with me immediately.”

Gary straightened his uniform, gave Nina a kiss and promised to be back as soon as possible.

The aroma of the wine filled the room with a colorful scent. An unfinished grey painting of a handsome soldier was keeping her company. Balancing solitude and loneliness has never been Nina’s strength. Hope was her cavalier in this realm.

Fighting the darkness ultimately made her stronger. All it took was one download from her Hippocampus and she was back in that gorgeous ballroom redesigning her connection to Gary. Learning to travel between dimensions has been life-altering. A bondage in a limitless universe where boundaries dissolve to form new shapes of love is all a conscious mind needs to comprehend.

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Creative art: AI-generated images by Daniela S. via Midjourney

Originally published on the Hive blockchain at @KriszRokk.

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