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Sacred Heart - Quantum Poems by Krisz Rokk

Sacred Heart (Original Poetry)

By Krisz Rokk | Quantum Poems | 14 Feb 2023

She laid dormant for years
letting the brain take control
enjoying life from behind a window
waiting for the one
to send the system into overflow.
A knowing so deep
cells encapsulated being freed
an explosion of joyfulness
spreading sparkles across the sea
my shivering stopped, curiosity increased.
Am I breathing? Am I asleep?
Stars are witnessing my weeping
the blinds opened
and I could finally see
a love so sacred, no soul could resist.
She started singing
awakening the spirit
inviting innocent particles
to push through challenges
and showcase their grit.
Finally harmony was achieved
making her grief disappear
allowing a new journey to begin
collapsing the waves of hope
into a dance never seen.
💎💎💎 Krisz Rokk 💎💎💎

Creative art by Daniela S.

Originally published on the Hive blockchain at @KriszRokk.

Quantum Stories and Poems by Krisz Rokk

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Krisz Rokk
Krisz Rokk

Entrepreneur | Business Strategist | Creative Writer 💎

Quantum Poems
Quantum Poems

A collection of poems inspired by the quantum world.

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