Spring '22 Quantum Computing Updates

By Keith Thuerk | SCIFI Future | 1 May 2022

Spring '22 Quantum Computing Updates


Fujitsu claims to have developed the world's fastest quantum simulator

Keep in mind one of my life tenants "All theories work until they are tested", they must actually work in real life scenarios in order to be proven TRUE!

For example, in theory I am stronger than "The Rock" but when it comes to actual competition in the gym he wins hands down.  The Fujisto theory claims they can outperform IBM and Intel in the Quantum computing space.

The Fujitsu Quantum cluster equates to 36-qubit quantum circuits and their theory shows 64-qubits. This design would require some memory management via qubit state management.  Don't expect Fujitsu to go and release a 64-qubit machine. I believe they would start lower in the 40-qubit range. Still very very fast but not double current Enterprise efforts. 


Chinese Researchers break world record for quantum-encrypted communications

One of the largest fears in regard to developing Quantum computers is all current and modern encryption algorithms becomes obsolete overnight! Well, China is actually proving this FEAR to be TRUE!  

Researchers in Beijing smashed the standing 18km (11miles) record with a new quantum secure direct communication (QSDC) world record of 102.2 km (64 miles). That is almost a 6x increase; kudos team.   The outcome?  - improved traditional security and more secure networks!

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Quantum Computing Updates


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Summary - important Quantum developments are taking place at a much faster pace in recent months.  Spring '22 has shown continued improvements, stay tuned for more anticipated advancements as a new Dawn of technology awaits us.

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