Binance Is Giving Away $100,000 Worth Of IOST as a Result Of Continued Support!



    I'll keep this short and to the point.  Binance is a top tier, highly respected platform for trading all kinds of crypto as well as being one of the most trusted.  It has a delightfully crisp and beautiful interface that is very easy to operate, plus, a very high trading volume for a lot of action.  With a plethora of options on how to invest your money you really can't go wrong with trading here.  It offers tons of educational materials and has it's own trust wallet services as well as bridges to Dapps ect.  Recently it has even opened up a staking service so that you can earn by staking in a variety of tokens.  If you are an active trader you can still earn APY on your coins while simultaneously trading them for profit.  There are also plenty of airdrops that you will receive from time to time if you follow the steps and the referral programs are very generous.  They even have high paying trading competitions. If you think you can 'swing' with the best, then BATTER UP!  With all the safest and quickest ways to easily deposit and purchase crypto you will be trading and making plenty of money in no time if you have the skill.  If you are new to this platform and you are thinking of hopping on board this would be a very good time to make that leap considering that for a limited time they are offering a Lifetime 10% discount on trading fees for new users.  Only when you use my special referral link!!!! I was able to choose your kickback rate on this referral so I figure we split 50/50 okay? :) Here: %10 off trading fees for LIFE on Binance Trading Platform

   As for the $100,000 giveaway of IOST there are two more ways to participate after you sign up with your new Binance account.  The first of these two ways is to go ahead and purchase some IOST and start trading, and trade hard.  The traders with the highest trade volume over this event will be receiving some very nice prizes.  The prizes from 1st place to 10th place are as follows:

1st place: $30,000 worth of IOST

2nd place: $15,000 worth of IOST

3rd place:  $10,000 worth of IOST

4th-10th place:  Receive a share of a $35,000 pool

Get signed up and grab up some IOST for trading to win your share!

     So hurry and get trading if you want to win the big bucks!  The second way to participate in this trading event is to simply share the image posted in the announcement.  That image download is here and then share it on any social media site, take a screenshot of your post, and fill out the form on the Binance website with your Referral ID and the picture of this post.  *See link for form in simplified steps beneath this paragraph.  That's pretty easy, huh?  Just navigate to the left of your screen and share this on one or all of your social media apps (it only takes one though so easy money!)  3 Easy Steps to share a pool of $10k worth of IOST!

Step 1: Share this article

Step 2: Take a screenshot of your post

Step 3: Use this the link to fill out the form with your Referral ID and attach the screenshot of your post.


Enjoy your share of $10k worth of IOST!

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Quantum Blog II: Breaking the Bank
Quantum Blog II: Breaking the Bank

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