CertiK completes long-awaited BetFury audit
Audit completed!

CertiK completes long-awaited BetFury audit

By Qryqtx | The ecosystem of Q | 20 Sep 2021

The well-known online betting platform, BetFury, has recently undergone a scrutinizing audit review performed by CertiK, the renowned decentralized security solutions provider, that has previously audited a wide variety of DeFi-enabled cryptocurrency corporations and some of the largest operating worldwide. While the audit report has only resulted in a few findings, of which all have been acknowledged, there is one major finding relating to the current mint functionality with ownership controls. Due to this being centralized it also comes with risks in case a hacker should obtain access to it. Instead CertiK suggests to improve the functionality via a decentralized mechanism.

The remaining findings were documented as less significant, although important for the overall security assessment. Mathematical operations were deemed as a minor finding due to the fact that there is a potential risk in which a so-called spender could be allowed to transfer more tokens than a token owner allows the spender to transfer. A solution would be to initiate a safeApprove function rather than just the approve method. Lastly a purely informational finding was documented as public functions not called by a contract could save gas by being declared as external. The proposed solution to this is simply to use an external attribute for functions that does not interact with a contract, which could improve associated gas optimization.

Having been audited as part of a security assessment is yet another significant milestone for BetFury that comes with certain privileges. It is undoubtedly a huge achievement for the platform that further validates the reliability and security of the platform towards its users offering both in-house and provider games as well as sports betting with more functionalities to come in the future. All of the associated audit findings come with recommendations, some of which have been summarized, and are now subject to validation and implementation. The full audit report with more detailed and technical information is available on the CertiK Security Leaderboard.

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