Create your own QAE-1 tokens on the Qredit Blockchain and list Free on Altilly Exchange.
Create your own QAE-1 tokens on the Qredit Blockchain and list Free on Altilly Exchange.

By alberdioni8406 | Qredit | 4 Apr 2020

I have been Trading on Altilly Exchange for almost a year and the environment surrounding the platform is excellent and with their native Qredit coin is pretty good with the ambition of the CEO and His ideas to develop it turn it more interesting to hodl also the XQR asset well also to create your own QAE-token on the Qredit blockchain, easy and manage them directly from your Altilly Exchange dashboard!


Qredit XQR coin has own blockchain and like ETH can support smart contracts and is here where QAE-1 (Qredit always evolving) tokens can be created.

Let's see how to create own QAE-1 tokens.

To be able to create your own token on the Qredit blockchain you will need first to become a member on the exchange here and Hold more than 1000 XQR (~$0.42) that will be deducted from your account when you create your token. The process is very easy as all you need is to provide a name of your desired token, a ticker, a decimal and total supply. 

After that the exchange devs will take care of the rest and within 5 minutes your token is ready! Okay, the process of creation is there, so what now about listing?!


The Exchange got all prepared to List QAE-1 tokens and the necessary info to do that you can find here and take your created token to be listed free at Altilly!

**all in the post are just for informative purpose and Intel provided need more research for you own but 99% of it is accurate!

**images on the post found at site. 


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