Help Farce

By qiball | QI-BALL POETRY | 15 Sep 2019

 To be different it is my lot,

to only have one eye poor health and what not,

to struggle to get out of bed everyday,

to face the day of terror pain and struggle again and have them say,

as the doctors give me scripts and say this is what you need,

it'll help your health in this time of need, 

only to have the govt. insurance say we'll not pay for what you need anyway,

we'll not feed you enough either so go away,

 and don't you try to work or we'll take every benefit away,

and punish you again from trying to stray,

from our invisible prison your in again today,

with no way up and out for even the one who struggles day to day,

to just try to be more normal and independent i say,

you said you'd help and every-time a farce,

punished by your systems and destroyed by force,

then healthcare removed its just a joke, 

got a card but its not worth even as much as if i put it up in smoke,

since Obama our govenments a JOKE 

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I am a musician,medical massage therapist, and carpet cleaner and house cleaner right now. I am differently-abled and cannot work that much as I have many different underlying health conditions.My artistic name is QI-BALL I use this name as a poet&artist


This blog will contain poetry that may one day be turned into or adjusted by me to make song lyrics. Then again it may just stay as poetry. LMAO.

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