3 Things You Might Like About QASH

By Chenhuang_defi | QASH Community | 29 Jun 2019

QASH has been pretty flat in this year's trading period - trading around the $0.15 mark and not moving much past it at all. The cryptocurrency that is used to pay for transactions and services on the Liquid platform has seen a relatively stable period in 2019 compared with many other altcoins - however, this stagnation may be a problem for some!

Due to the stagnation, QASH has been relatively quiet amongst the industry as of recently - but not to worry, I have found 3 great things you might like about QASH which may convince you to pick some up and continue to hold.


1 - QASH Rebrand Incoming


A rebrand isn’t always a great thing as it may take away from the original branding that everybody has come to know and love. However, in the case of QASH, the upcoming rebrand will be paramount in helping to push the crypto forward.

The Liquid team have recently announced that they will be rebranding QASH into LQC (Liquid Coin) over the next few months. The team have decided to go ahead with the rebrand as they feel that QASH does not stand with the identity of the Liquid platform and therefore LQC is much more suited. This upgraded branding for QASH will also greatly compliment the upgrade to the Liquid platform - dubbed as Liquid 2.0 - which will see major improvements to the user interface and experience.

2- Credit & Debit Cards Accepted

As of February this year, you have been able to buy crypto on the Liquid platform via credit or debit cards. This greatly increases the exposure to customers to be able to quickly buy cryptocurrency seamlessly without having to go through the complex structure of wire transfers. 

Liquid has partnered with Simplex to provide a fraud-free card payment processing solution. They have stated that users can now have their funds deposited into their Liquid accounts in as quick as 5 minutes.

Considering that Liquid was the first exchange to be regulated by the Japan FCA we can assume that this partnership has been structured in the right way to ensure the safety of all customers funds and data.

Currently, users can deposit EUR into their Liquid accounts with a minimum deposit of 10 EUR with a 5% fee.

3 - Take Part In The Telegram Token Sale


The well known messaging service, Telegram, has announced that they will be launching their own native token and the sale of that token will exclusively be hosted by Liquid on July 10th 2019.

As of July 10th, verified Liquid users will be able to place pre-orders for GRAM tokens with USD + USDC. The funds will all be directly sent to an escrow account that is publicly traceable and verifiable until the GRAM tokens have been delivered to the end users. Users will also receive a rebate and discount for using and holding QASH within the token sale. 

Delivery of the tokens will follow an 18-month schedule implemented by Telegram that will see the tokens be distributed over a long period of time. The anticipated launch date for the mainnet of GRAM is scheduled for October 31st 2019.


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