The best solution to receive paid advertisements

The best solution to receive paid advertisements

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 28 Mar 2020

Welcome to Brave Ads | Brave Browser


Hello friends to my second publication as author, it is very clear that this fantastic browser has earned the respect of all users, with a great ability to compete with other browsers

Many users talked about brave browser that is the best browser to date, to be able to work with it and earn some money totally free, I've read a lot of publications about this browser, I've seen what they earn per month, how they withdraw profits and how to configure it 

And to be honest, I've installed it a lot of times, I don't even remember how many times I've installed it on my computer, the reason for installing it so many times, is very simple, I never got any ads and I didn't make any money with it, but after so much research and effort, I've figured out how to do it


The solution

Maybe you'd get this, install it, configure it, set it up to get the most ads per hour, but you never got

Tutorial de Brave Crypto Rewards - Gane 30 fichas BAT gratis - Opere en el intercambio Binance

I searched a lot, and found a post that said I had to turn on notifications in windows 10 for the ads to arrive, but when I wanted to activate it I found this, I didn't have a browser among the applications, to be able to activate those ads


Resultado de imagen de notificaciones en windows 10


That's when I said to myself, I'm never going to be able to make any fucking money with this amazing browser, but after so much research, I can already say that I finally have the solution, if that is your case follow these steps


  • 1 step - you have to go to this address - click here will take you to the next page



  • 2 step - once you are here, the next thing you need to do is to click on authorize, you'll get a box to allow for notifications



  • step 3 - click on shwo, once clicked, you can go back to the windows 10 notifications, and finally you will see the brave browser tab to activate the paid ads, very important, for those with windows 10, in concentration assistant leave it off




Here's what I've got so far



Thank you very much for coming in and reading this post.

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