The first NFT platform on Tezos is announced to be launched next month: Kalamint

The first NFT platform on Tezos is announced to be launched next month: Kalamint

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 20 Dec 2020

NFT's are so called non-fungible tokens. These are tokens that are provable unique. This means that they can be used to prove ownership of digital art, or digital collectible cards and other blockchain games.
Kalamint will be used to create, sell and collect NFT's which will be mostly art in any shape or form. But I guess anything digital can be minted into an NFT. If there is a demand for it, it will be available on the platform.

On the first version of the platform, users can perform the following actions:

1. Create/Mint: Create NFTs native to Tezos leveraging the FA2 token standard.
2. Sell: List your NFTs on the marketplace by specifying a price in XTZ.
3. Collect: Buy listed NFTs and to either add them to your collection or to sell them later.

Later versions will include the creation of collections (limited editions), auctions, price discovery curves and DAO.

Testnet will be launched within two weeks, and will enable the community try the platform and give feedback where needed. Mainnet is expected to launch next month.

FA2 tokenstandard
The NFT tokens will be created under the FA2 tokenstandard on Tezos. FA2 can be described as a multi-asset interface for Tezos. This means that FA2 tokens can be used for the creation of multiple purposes, while external applications and wallets can integrated them through one standard API. ELI5: once a wallet or exchange has integrated FA2 tokens, they can simply store anything that is created under the FA2 tokenstandard. This includes NFTs for collectible assets, non-transferrable badges to incentivize behaviors, and multi-asset contracts containing thousands of different gaming items with interactive, transmutable behaviors.
Kukai Wallet already announced to support Tezos tokens soon, including NFT's. 5c40b1d1d61f6dbc9b90286f76c51225fead23ae56098cd819d24c4811449551.pngTezos fees
Compared to Ethereum, fees on Tezos are extremely low. Standard transactions on Tezos are on average 3,000 times cheaper than on Ethereum. Following NFT artists and collectors, the biggest complaint is the cost of Ethereum fees. So Tezos will be quite a refreshment on that front.

KALA tokens for early adopters:
Soon, a reward program will be announced. This will include details how the first users of the platform will be able to earn KALA tokens.


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