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Tezos Defi partnership: USD Tez Project and Tokensoft

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 3 May 2020

This partnership sets the stage for the launch of Tezos' first stablecoin to be expected this weekend: USDtz. USDtz is not just your average stabelcoin, it's part of a DeFi ecosystem that is about to be released in phases on Tezos. Therefore USDtz is being launched as a security and will need to be released through a platform that can enforce regulations. (Some people ague that DAI should be treated as a security too). Tokensoft is such a platform. "TokenSoft is the leading technology platform for companies seeking to issue and manage digital securities on the blockchain, at scale, and within compliance."

About USDtz:
USDtz is a stablecoin with DAO features that is part of a DeFi ecosystem. USDtz is part of the StableTez project, which includes EUR, BTC and Gold-pegged stablecoins. StableTez will be used in TEZEX, the Tezos Liquidity Exchange. "Over time, TEZEX will list more and more Tezos-based stable-coins, each pegged to a the values of different currencies, respectively. Effectively, this also means that TEZEX will be eventually able to facilitate a Tezos on-chain representation of FOREX global currency trading." TEZEX will fully run on the Tezos blockchain. The next piece of the puzzle will be TezFin. Which will enable on-chain savings and loans.

"Borrow: Soon you'll be able to borrow Tez (XTZ), USD Tez (USDtz), BTC Tez (BTCtz), and other Tezos-tokens at a floating interest-rate APY, under bond-terms that are blockchain-enforced. Know what you're getting into by borrowing what you need through a Tezos smart-contract.
Earn: Collect interest earnings at a formally-verifiable floating-rate APY, simply by supplying your token holdings to TezFin.. Just like earning interest from deposits to a bank CD or savings account. Your tokens will, of course, be staked across a distributed pool of independent and trusted bakers."

Read more about USDtz specifics here. 

About Tokensoft and Tezos:
Tokensoft has already partnered with Tezos last year, implementing Tezos' tokenstandard FA-1.2, which enables Tokensoft to issue STO's on the Tezos blockchain. With over $3 billion in future value to issue onto blockchain STO's, Tokensoft can be considered to be a big player in the STO game as an issuing platform. 

TokenSoft is "projecting that within the next year, 25–35% of the amount processed through our platform will be on the Tezos blockchain. Currently our clients have processed half a billion through our platform, and they are currently seeking to issue $3 Billion+ onto the blockchain." Which comes down to about $1 Billion. 
Tokensoft bases this prediction both on their customers expressing their interest in Tezos as a basis for their tokens, and as well as Tokensoft's enthusiasm for the technical aspects of Tezos. Tokensoft explains why they see Tezos as an interesting blockchain to launch STO's on:

The Tezos blockchain provides a high level of security and resilience to the security token market:

Institutional Grade Smart Contracts - The Tezos blockchain facilitates formally verified smart contracts, the same methodology used to ensure safety in mission critical settings, such as in aerospace technologies and the $500 billion semiconductor industry.

Secure Custody - A formally verified multisignature contract is now included natively within the Tezos client software. This enables cold storage deployment and management of smart contracts for the highest level of security.

Familiarity - The FA1.2 managed ledger standard includes some functionality inspired by ERC-1404, making it possible to enforce requirements on a jurisdictional basis when it comes to banking, securities and tax regulations.

Upgradability - Tezos includes a formal mechanism by which stakeholders can upgrade the protocol. This enables Tezos to smoothly adopt new technical features and stay at the cutting edge.

For the full introduction on Tezos, read this article.
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