Second round of TzButton has started

Second round of TzButton has started

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 19 Dec 2020

The last round of this game ended with one of the players winning 25.20 XTZ. In the second round the stakes started a lot higher: round two was launched with 100 XTZ and is currently at 104.4 XTZ.

TzButton is a smartcontract deployed on Tezos, which is basically a button that resets a timer every time someone clicks the button. Clicking the button and thus resetting the timer, will cost you 0.2 XTZ. That 0.2 XTZ is added to the smartcontract address. The click on the button makes you the "leader" of the game. Once the timer goes to zero, you earn all the XTZ that the contract address holds. But if someone else clicks the button before the timer goes to zero, he or she will become the new leader of the game.

The game starts out with 100 XTZ. Which would mean that if you click and win, you'd receive 100.2 XTZ. (Starting amount = 100 XTZ, you click and add 0.2 XTZ, totaling the amount on the address at 100.2 XTZ.) So the incentive to click the button starts out moderate. But the more people have clicked the button, the higher the amount of XTZ will become for someone to win. So the incentive to click will get higher over time: there is a bigger prize to win. However, the likelihood to win will become lower, since more people will want to win the prize and are tempted to click the button for a chance to win. Will people continue to click the button and spend 0.2 XTZ for a chance to the prize?


To make it more appealing, every time someone clicks the button, the timer is set to a slightly lesser period of time. The first countdown was set to 24 hours. Once the first person clicked the button, the next timer was set on 22 hours and 30 minutes. So with the first click, the countdown time was reduced with 1 hour and 30 minutes with the first click. With every click, the countdown will be reset, and reduced with a smaller amount of time. Eventually, the timer will be reset to 5 minutes. Then the period does not get any smaller with each click. So in the end, after every click the timer will be reset to 5 minutes. But if that stage is reached, the prize will be several thousand XTZ.

Last time the game ended sooner than I expected. Apparently people do lose interest over time. But now the amount is a lot higher, let's see how long this second round lasts.


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