Publish0x July Update - Homepage Redesign, Tipping Model Changes, Integrating BAT and more!

Publish0x July Update - Homepage Redesign, Tipping Model Changes, Integrating BAT and more!

It's August already. It feels like I've written our last months update just yesterday. Here's what our team was up to since the last update.


1. Homepage Revamp!

We've completely changed the homepage! You will not just see the shortcut to read articles on most popular tokens, but the whole layout of the homepage has changed to include more good quality content!



On the upper part of the homepage, you will see the most popular articles from the last two days, followed by a "Crypto Team Updates" section - a section that lists updates from different token teams blogging with Publish0x, as well as articles from token fan blogs.

The homepage lists articles published under different tags. Which those are will change, but for version 1 of the new homepage, we have chosen to feature articles related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin.

Finally, we've secured a section of the homepage that will list articles that cover Cryptocurrency News, and one section to show you which tags are trending!

Do you like the new homepage? What are your impressions?


2. Tipping Model Changes


I've written an more detailed article that explains how Publish0x tipping system works in more details - check it out here.

Here's the short(er) version:


How the New Tipping System Works and Why did we Change it?

On Publish0x, tips are free for both authors and Readers.


Mechanics of tipping are the same as they have been previously. You choose what percentage of the tip to give to author, and how much to keep to yourself. Tips are free for both readers and authors.

Amount users earn in USD per tip remains the same, on average.


This change is a start of a self serve advertising system, and is in line with monetization goals of Publish0x. Advertisers (projects and tokens) will be able to get exposure through our tipping system.

Once an advertiser sends us funds, they will be able to set their own rates per tip. The higher rates per tip they set compared to other tokens / projects / advertisers, the bigger the chance the next tip a user makes will be in the token from that particular advertiser.

Tip values are measured in USD, but users will earn tips in the advertisers token(s)While setting rates per tip, an advertiser will be able to see what the chance is that the next tip will be in their token.




Here's an example of the system working with 3 tokens:

  • Token 1 decides to pay out a base tip* in their token, in USD value of 7 cents.
  • Token 2 decides to pay out a base tip* in their token, in USD value of 2 cents.
  • Token 3 decides to pay out a base tip* in their token, in USD value of 1 cents.

*Base tip value: A user can make six tips per day at the moment. The first tip of the day is 3x value of the base tip, while the last two tips made in a given day are half the value of the base tip.


In this scenario:

  • There would be 70% chance that your tip is in Token 1, and when the reader makes the tip, he will have 7 cents of Token 1 to split between him and the author.
  • There would be 20% chance that the readers tip is in Token 2, where the reader would have 2 cents in Token 2 at their disposal to split between them and the author.
  • Token 3 is obviously 10% chance to be the tipping token, with the tip value being 1 cent before the reader makes the split between the author and himself.

So our future advertisers / tokens can really get maximum exposure when they have important news by turning up the rate they pay out per tip. On the other hand, they can choose less exposure over a longer time period if they choose to pay less per tip.

When I say paying more or less per tip, it is comparable to what other projects / advertisers are paying out at that moment in time.


PS. We will only be accepting tokens that are on exchanges and have enough volume for our users to trade them, if they so desire.


3. Changes Publish0x Authors (and Readers) Will Notice


  • It took us a bit, but finally there's a spell checker to check your spelling while you are writing articles on Publish0x. Phew, this is of great help to me personally. :)
  • We've allowed for a significantly larger amount of text to explain what your blog on Publish0x is about. The previous limit was 255 characters.


  • We've changed the font settings! Many of our users complained that it was hard to read articles with the old font settings, and we've changed this due to your feedback. Thank you! How do you like the new font settings? Let us know in the comments.
  • We've added colored placeholder images for your avatars, if you choose not to upload a picture yourself. This is not a big change by any stretch of the imagination, but these placeholder images do look shiny, so I had to include them in the update!



4. Teaser: Tips in BAT Starting August 6th!


Many of you have already noticed that we show "Basic Attention Token" under Token Earnings in Your Dashboard, and rightfully assumed that BAT is the next token to get integrated into Publish0x.

The wait is almost over, tips in BAT will be integrated next Tuesday, August 6th.


5. Teaser: The Next Writing Contests - Chrome vs Brave - Coming Soon!

The Show Your Portfolio contest saw many users produce some really good articles! It has convinced us to hold writing contests regularly.



It is no secret that we love BAT and Brave Browser. In fact, we love Brave so much that we suggest you download Brave now and enjoy an ad free browsing experience. The Brave Browser is similar to Chrome; so much so, that you can import all of your bookmarks and browser extensions easily. But, a huge advantage Brave has over Google Chrome is that it is ad free. It saved me a lot of time, and has made my browsing experience more private and more secure.



The next writing contest will start in about 10 days. We will ask our authors to write about the difference in their browsing experience while they are viewing their favorite crypto sites with Google Chrome (or possibly Opera, FireFox, or another browser) VS viewing them with the Brave Browser.

  • Authors of the best articles will be rewarded in BAT!
  • And we'll share a tonne of images just like this for you to use, to help make your articles look better!




6. Stats and Growth in July

We have experienced good growth in the last month, as seen by this screenshot from our Google Analytics (click on the image to see it in full size).



And we've jumped over 25,000 spots since June Update post was published, to land us close to 50,000 most popular sites in the world, according to Alexa!



We have been busy doing groundwork so that Publish0x can have fast future growth, including better user onboarding and retention, and doing out best to have even more visibility in Google and other search engines.

I hope that you've enjoyed this update. As always, we love to hear from our community. The best place to let us know what you think we should improve is to email us - or to join our Telegram group -




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