Win One of 50x $2 in $STA Rewards! Tweet a Screenshot of Your Tip in $STA!

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 17 Feb 2022

UPDATE: These are the users who have won $2 in STA each!

  • CommanderS
  • takerukoushirou
  • jarzab
  • coinictus
  • wantumeni
  • beloved7
  • painter
  • BitcoinBaby
  • Technically Product
  • Snow Under Sun
  • SirGerardThe1st
  • shankz29
  • scorpiali
  • Cryptobigg
  • Pjdanis
  • Marekiaro
  • Mynima
  • MaRtYiPpP
  • LukeZweihander
  • lisadavidson88
  • idealisticguy
  • Ivo78
  • Serious8a
  • IggyDotDev
  • DarkBladeCrypto
  • Mychoice
  • Fuglypump
  • Debesh-Choudhury
  • Cryptonator
  • cje95
  • Cfurkanc
  • Bragato18
  • ProfessorLove
  • BleizDutch
  • bhaktidas108
  • ben06x
  • tlutzenberger
  • Waxie
  • TrocProcLock
  • clubby
  • Dhargombhez
  • The Lebanese Girl
  • TitMouse
  • thumbsupfinance
  • flokidan
  • Mandrakata
  • duitsantai
  • Duvinca
  • Danielbit
  • Cryptonalyzed


Let's make a quick, fun, Twitter based event.

We will be rewarding 50 users with $2 in $STA each. What you need to do:

  • Tweet an image of your tip in STA (it has to be your own screenshot, we will check!)
  • Tag @Publish0x and @StateraProject
  • Write out your Publish0x Username.

Note: We will distribute 50 rewards of $2 in $STA to each lucky winner of the giveaway. Tweeting by following the rules laid out in this post is like a ticket to enter a draw.

That's all! Here's what a screenshot of your tip can look like (but do not use this screenshot for your tweets):



Here's my tweet to enter this giveaway:




We will send all rewards by Sunday. The winners will be able to withdraw $STA from here.

Good luck!

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