Guess the Highest Statera $STA Price by Midnight Sunday the 27th Feb (UTC time), and Win $100 in STA!

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 23 Feb 2022



Update: We have a winner with the exact guess! The highest price $STA token reached from between the period this contest started and Sunday, the 27th of February 11AM UTC, is $0.1214632198!



We are rewarding $100 in STA tokens to one user who makes the best guess of the highest price that Statera $STA token will have between now and Midnight UTC time on Sunday, the 27th of February!


Rules, Please Read:

1. Guess the highest price Statera $STA token will have between now and Midnight on Sunday, UTC time.

2. Retweet with Comment / Quote Retweet this tweet, and tag @StateraProject on Twitter, and use the tags $STA, and $WSTA:


Quote Tweet / Retweet with Comment:


3. Your guess has to be a guess of the price to at least 3 decimal places (or more), even if the last number is a 0 (zero).

4. Deadline for your guess: Make your guess before Sunday, 27th Feb, at 11 AM UTC. Convert the time to your time zone here.

5. One guess per person is allowed.


This is an example of how your guess can look like:



  • If there are multiple winners with the correct guess, the person who has made the guess earlier (as timestamped by Twitter) will be the ultimate winner. By participating in this contest, you agree that Publish0x is the final arbitrary in case of any disputes.
  • Tweets that merely reply to our tweet, without quoting the tweet, will NOT be counted as contest entries.
  • If we did not heart your tweet, either we missed it, or your guess is not a valid contest entry. To check this, feel free to send a DM to @Publish0x on Twitter.
  • The winner will be sent Statera $STA tokens on the Fantom Network.
  • We will go by highest price as recorded by @dextools on this market - meaning, we will take the price from this page as relevant:



As you can see, the current price of $STA (as of this writing) is $0.115, so your guess has to be higher than that in order to have any chance of winning this!

Again, to enter the contest, Retweet with a Comment / Quote Retweet this Tweet with your best guess of the highest price $STA token will achieve by Midnight on Sunday, the 27th of February:



Good luck!

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