Giving Away $200 in ETH! Join Publish0x Contest for Authors: #ShowYourPortfolio

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 3 Jul 2019

Hey Publish0x Community,

We are happy to announce our first contest #ShowYourPortfolio for all the Publish0x authors that will take place this weekend starting this Friday (July 5th) and ending one week later, on Friday, July 12th.

The idea of #ShowYourPortfolio is to showcase your cryptocurrency holdings with our community and provide a reasoning behind the choice of your investments. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a crypto veteran, everyone is welcome to participate!

Not an author? No problem! Apply by clicking here, mention the #ShowYourPortfolio competition, and we will approve you ASAP! Contact us on Telegram: or [email protected] if there are any issues.


We are giving away $200 in total in ETH for the contest winners!

  • 1st place receives $100 in ETH
  • 2nd place receives $60 in ETH
  • 3rd place receives $40 in ETH


How Will the Winners Be Chosen

Winners will be chosen by Team Publish0x by Friday, July 19th. The articles that we consider are of the highest quality will win the contest.

A quality article is one that:

  • Is easy to read and nicely formatted.
  • Clearly explains why you’re holding the tokens you’re writing about.
  • Follows all of the contest rules.
  • Is your original work.
  • It’s that simple!


You can write about any of the tokens you’re holding, no matter how much or how little of the token you have. Writing about tokens that are used for tipping on Publish0x won’t get you extra points.


Contest Rules


Here are 3 simple rules to follow:

  • The submitted article need to be your own original work. No copied and pasted articles will be accepted.
  • Start the post with your holdings in the form of a screenshot of your crypto portfolio tracker such as Delta, Blockfolio, or similar (here is a good list of portfolio trackers). Be sure to blur the amount of coins/tokens to keep your privacy! We just want everyone to see which cryptos you're holding in one, stylish place. :) If you don't use a portfolio tracker, that's ok too--simply post a screenshot of your holdings with the sensitive details blanked out, or any other relevant image really.
  • Whether you are holding just one or 10 cryptocurrencies, please try to explain in your own words why are you invested in them. PS. You don't need to write about every token you are holding in your portfolio; picking two, three or five tokens and discussing the reasoning you chose those specific ones is ok too. This is the critical factor upon which we’ll decide the winners. The more reasonable and plausible reasoning the higher chance to win.
  • Include ShowYourPortfolio tag into the post and the title. Without this we won’t be able to find your post.


What if I'm Not an Author?

You can apply to be an author on Publish0x here:

Let us know that you'd like to participate in the #ShowYourPortfolio competition so we can approve your authors application ASAP!

Post Template to Help You Out

Here is a suggested template for a post that you can use.


1. First, try to title the post in a simple way to show what’s inside. Here are some examples.

  • Why I am holding ___ , ____ and ____
  • Why I bought ____ and ____ in 2018 and I am still holding
  • Why I invested in ____ ____ ____


2. Follow this by a short intro into the post, and add a screenshot of your holdings with amounts blurred out.

3. Finally, talk about up to 5 of your favorite tokens and why you’re holding them or have invested in them.


Here is an Example Post that We've Written - One You Can Model if You Wish

UPDATE: The first article for the #ShowYourPortfolio was submitted by @DogGodFrogLog and is worth checking our. Check out his article: What's in my Saddlebags? A Horsish Market Outlook. #ShowYourPortfolio


Here's an example that we've written to help you out if you don't know how to start...

Title: Why I’ve Invested in Bitcoin, Power Ledger and 0x, and why I'm HODLing HYDRO and Stellar

Hello everyone! I’d like to share my crypto portfolio and discuss it with you. This post participates in Publish0x contest #ShowYourPortfolio.

I have first invested in Bitcoin back in 2016 while it was sitting at around ~$600. I’m a happy long-term holder. Recently I decided to expand my portfolio into Power Ledger and 0x and also HOLD some HYDRO and XLM.



Screenshot of the Blockfolio app only for illustration purposes. If you publish a similar screenshot, be sure to blur or blank out the sensitive information.

Why I invested in Bitcoin?


Well, it was my first crypto that helped to get my feet wet into this tech. I have learned a lot thanks to Bitcoin on investing, financial systems and also about myself how to deal with my emotions during the ups and downs. I quickly realized that day trading is not something for me and I decided to pursue the HODL way. :)


Why I invested in Power Ledger?


I’m an eco guy. Now combine that with my love to crypto and you have a ready recipe for me to invest in such an innovative project. Invested in POWR back in early 2018 when I saw they participate in the Extreme Tech Challenge 2018. For those who don’t know, it’s a contest run by my top entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. I took a bet on POWR and happy to see them winning the contest. Now they have support of Branson’s knowledge and his empire. Can’t wait for POWR to finally go mainstream, amazing tech!


Why I invested in 0x?


My only 2019 investment is ZRX. After hours of in-depth research I decided to invest in as their leading though is that everything has a value and can be tokenized from real estate to Picasso’s paintings and game items. 0x is a protocol that allows all type of tokenized assets to be seamlessly and safely exchanged which I believe will be the necessary foundation of decentralized future. Also, glad to see that Coinbase puts them in the spotlight, in the next bull run people will surely get more interested in 0x’s tech.

Why am I HODLing Hydro?


I’ve learned about this token on Publish0x and have earned some by writing articles and receiving tips. I love HYDRO as they are doing great things helping the unbaked make payments, and I believe the token will be worth significantly more when proper alt season starts.


Why am I HODLing XLM?


Stellar Lumens is a token I’ve heard of many times before, but really got into it when I could earn some on Coinbase, simply by learning about the token! It was a win-win in my book, and what I’ve learned about how Stellar wants to help money move quickly and cheap between people and banks was more than enough for me to HODL onto this token.


What are your thoughts on this portfolio guys? Happy to discuss it with you.



I hope to read your submission soon! All submissions that have been published can be found and read by clicking the #ShowMyPortfolio hashtag here.


If you have any questions regarding the competition, let us know in the comments or in Telegram group.



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