#AMPLMeme Winners Announced: $500 in $AMPL Prizes Rewarded to 25 Participants!

#AMPLMeme Winners Announced: $500 in $AMPL Prizes Rewarded to 25 Participants!

By Igor Tomić | Publish0x Contests | 9 Dec 2020

It's time to announce winners of the #AMPLMeme contest. Thank you all for contributing, you have submitted some creative and funny memes!

Without further adieu...


We chose not just 20, but 25 #AMPLMeme winners who have won $20 in AMPL each for a total of $500 in AMPL!



1. Drvinjez118

This was one of the first memes entered into the contest... and it was a good one!


2. Jitheshwar

Jiteshwar added a fun entry into this contest!




3. PfewPfew

PfewPfew submitted more than a couple of interesting memes - this one and this one.  



4. Mahesh Shrestha

I loved these two memes from Mahesh Shrestha. See them here and here.  





5. SirGerardThe1st

SirGerardThe1st did not disappoint with his meme - it's a great submission into this contest!   2d971e793470ddd708eabf85c8388209be8665adaa2d2c6e0ebf10fef65d13c4.png    


6. Hala99

Hala99 has submitted this fun meme that we've enjoyed. :)



7. Leo_kitti

Leo_kitti gave a few submissions that are worth checking out - here.



8. Oenomel

 Halloesh1 made  a fun 3D like image, which, if the embed doesn't work, you can see here



9. Cryptospacepro

Cryptospacepro has submitted this simple, to the point meme that delivers. Check it out here.



10. kingscrown

Thank's fo this funny meme in video format kingscrown! You can check his submission on Twitter here.




11. Bennett Anderson

Bennett Anderson maybe knew we couldn't resist cats? Good one! See it on Twitter here.



12. gordy

gordy made a typo. ;) It's still a great image to choose for a meme, which you can check here.




13. UKprod

UKprod has submitted two funny memes. See them here and here.





14. thetimetravelerz

Taur19 submitted a classic, which you can see here, or on Publish0x here.



15. Sumukh

Sumukh has made a clever alteration of the AMPLificationWeekend image and turned it into a meme which you can see here.


16. PVMihalache

Paul has submitted a few great memes - but we chuckled at this one. Check it out on twitter here, and all of his entries in a Publish0x post here.


17. zbigecani

zbigecani has submitted two memes for this, but Pablo wins! Check his submissions here and here.

  13e552ecc026d13d2b8431a025d54a613ccca9f273e3002775680878281a8840.jpeg   0312ac391f9e869d010cc5177dca5c24fa62964e0e0247852daf818aaf68f5d8.jpeg    

18. Cryptonator`s 

Cryptonator submits worthy entries into almost all Publish0x contests. Check his meme here.





19. CoolGhost

CoolGhost used a classic meme and made it good! See it here.



20. Zulus

Zulus is thinking in the right direction... though I'm not sure his lady appreciates it. :) Check his meme here.




21. Zimburla

Zimburla submitted one of the most original memes and we love it! See it on Twitter here.




22. Wikiblockchaingroup

Wikiblockchain1 is happy that AMPL was integrated into Publish0x, and so are we! Check the meme here.



23. Olumelody2

We're not partial just to cats. We love dogs too and Olumelody2 must have known it! Check the meme here.




24. svtjun

svtjun is a boss! His meme can be found here.




25. danieltee518

Last but not least, danieltee518 has submitted this interesting meme.





How Were the Winners be Paid?



$20 in AMPL has been added to Publish0x accounts of all of the 25 winners! We sent the winners a DM on Twitter, asking for their Publish0x username. In this post, we've linked both their Publish0x accounts, and added links to their winning tweets.


Congratulations to the winners and a HUGE thank you to all who have participated!




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